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Three's a crowd, or so Martineau Johnson believed before it came to creating a good team spirit for its staff. The law firm merged its two Birmingham offices in 2004 and, along with its London office, created a more streamlined company. Out with departmental rivalry, in with a slicker operation. In the words of one property lawyer at the firm: "I have never felt so much part of a team before. I can wander up to senior partners at the coffee machines and talk openly to them." And that's backed by employees who gave colleagues an 83% positive score for caring for each other.

The firm is a member of Birmingham Cares, for which it recently renovated a local garden to be used for environmental education. It is currently organising visits for underprivileged children to gain business experience and staff believe in the principles and values of the company (75%).

Communication within the firm is excellent. The flagship forum is Hugh's News, a tool on the intranet named after the senior partner. It has a section where staff can book a 20-minute meeting with the managing partner to discuss their work. Each Friday the senior and managing partners invite a different team to drinks and staff give people in their team a 77% rating for going out of their way to help them.

Training is closely monitored to make sure everyone is receiving exactly what they need; the workforce gives the firm a 75% positive score for such development helping them. Outside of work there is plenty on offer, with access to a gym, Indian head massages and yoga classes. For employees' families there is a fun day, a summer garden party and fundraising events. Staff (a 75% positive score) would recommend working for the organisation to others. The annual meeting is not just a business occasion but an opportunity to reward those who have contributed to the organisation, and recognition ranges from awards for inspirational leadership to outstanding contribution. This year will see one of the more impressive awards, to be given to an employee for 50 years' service. Winners are undoubtedly among the members of staff who say they would not leave Martineau Johnson tomorrow even if they had another job, a 76% positive score ranking 45th.

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