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The creation and evolution of the Swansway Company values 'Caring, Honest & Proud' have become truly ingrained in the company's culture. This has only been possible through employee buy-in and this involves all Senior Management within the Company. The values are used as a 'sensor check' for all decision making within the organisation, the results of which filter down from board level to Senior Managers and beyond. This has promoted trust, confidence and engagement within all practices of the organisation. Michael Smyth is not only the Chairman of Swansway Group, but also the founder. He has been in the motor retail business for 48 years and is incredibly passionate about what he does. With the gritty training of life as a door to door salesman for Hoover, Michael built the business from scratch, always with the drive and determination to be the best. Through the years Michael has embraced change, always been open to new ideas and ways of doing things and is happy to share his knowledge with his staff. Everyone knows that Michael is happy to roll his sleeves up and lead the way. He is honest, expects honesty in return and is rightly proud of the business he has built and of the people who have helped him to build it.
My Company
My Company
In relation to the Company's values, Swansway’s staff have worked with the company during a 'definitions day' to determine and define their values. The values were rolled out to all staff by way of a dedicated 'roadshow' at each of Swansway’s sites. The effort put in to the evolution of these values means that although they were only made ‘official’ 4.5 years ago, they are already completely embedded in the company’s culture. Everyone uses the caring, honest and proud filter when making any business decision, be it one which affects a customer or a colleague. This has definitely led to an increased feeling of family and wellbeing across the business. Employees know that it is Swansway’s aim to delight customers and also to grow, whilst remaining family owned and keeping the family feeling and values. Much of the communication takes the form of colleagues leading by example in their day to day living and breathing of the values.
Fair Deal
Fair Deal
In many businesses the contributions of 'backroom staff' can be forgotten; however at Swansway they do things differently. On a regular basis the company celebrate the 'backroom staff' by asking the Managers to nominate a colleague who they believe has made an outstanding contribution to the business, is not expecting an extra reward and who is a shining example of company culture and values. The awards are given every quarter and the number of winners is not limited. Wherever there is a nomination and the Unsung Hero board considers it be valid, the nominee will receive a trophy to keep, is treated to afternoon tea and even a £50 voucher to treat themselves to a gift.

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