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    Data Management Specialists
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    South East, Yorkshire & Humber, London, National
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About Tectrade

What is it like to work for Tectrade

The company is happy to try new work patterns to accommodate people’s requests, which helps enormously with the stresses of the work/life balance. The company ensures employees have the necessary IT infrastructure and support to allow them to work remotely. They are as flexible as they possibly can be without compromising the quality of their service or work. To encourage people to choose healthier alternatives to the cakes and sweets which usually feature in the kitchen several times throughout the week, Tectrade has a weekly fruit delivery which everyone is invited to enjoy as well as jars of nuts as an alternative to the sweet options.
My Company
My Company
The ‘Project Compass’ initiative was presented and explained to all employees when it was launched. An infographic displaying all the key points of the initiative is displayed in the kitchen area for people to refer to at any time. Each new starter meets the CEO who gives them an overview of the Company’s mission, core values and vision. The company’s performance management platform has been set up to mirror the Company mission by measuring the company goals of Customer Experience and Operational Excellence. The competencies measured against each employee match the core values and behaviours. Each person within the company has at least one KPI that directly impacts the main goals. This is known as the golden thread. The platform allows us to track the golden thread more effectively and embed it in the culture of the organisation so that everyone feels a collective responsibility to achieve the Company mission, values and vision and knows how their contribution affects the overall business objectives.
Fair Deal
Fair Deal
At the company’s annual company Kick-Off event, special awards are voted by employees with the winners receiving a £100 gift voucher and a bottle of champagne. Awards employees can win include: ‘ I Haven’t Seen You In Ages Award’ presented to the transition consultant with the highest utilisation figure; ‘The Grafter Award’ for the hardest working person you know; ‘Silent Hero Award’ for the person who gets on without complaining and ‘Most Valued Person Award’. For employees that have gone over and above their line of work, be it providing exceptional customer service by working through the night to resolve a customer issue, or staying on-site much later than planned to ensure the job is seen through to completion, Tectrade reward them with a £100 dinner voucher as a thank you and recognition for their efforts.

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  • Holidays

    Companies offering a minimum of 25 days annual leave to all employees

  • Health Insurance
    Health Insurance

    Companies offering private health insurance with at least 50% of employees taking this up

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    Companies offering a final salary, non-contributory pension scheme or one in which the employer puts in at least three times

  • Maternity

    At least 10 weeks’ full pay or generous alternative

  • Family Friendly
    Family Friendly

    School hours contracts offered to staff

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