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My Manager
My Manager
The Car Finance Company use the 70:20:10 model as the basis of their learning and development strategy in order to focus development on topics that Managers have the opportunity to put into practice immediately in order to be the most effective. Their Leadership and Development Manager has facilitated meetings being held by the Leadership Team as part of their development programme. A group of Team Leaders are presenting at their departments conference for the first time, so they have been supported to develop their presentation and to deliver it building their confidence. A group of Managers took part in a workshop on performance management ahead of the company’s quarterly review process. They believe this is a more practical approach and allows delegates to put changes into practice more effectively. Employees can also get involved in coaching and mentoring programmes, which the company find to be more useful as short technical training sessions. Finally performance is always measured against quarterly objectives.
My Team
My Team
Quarterly town hall meetings are held for all Line Managers and round table meetings for all employees in order to discuss issues and recognise successes which have proven to be particularly effective given that the business is growing so quickly. The Car Finance Company have previously put on workshops where everyone participated in deciding the priorities for the following quarter, as well as one that focused on what Managers would do to make sure they had great communication across the business. In order to communicate the company mission, vision and values they are printed on posters and mugs so they are always present within the office. Performance is also reviewed against the values.
My Company
My Company
The Car Finance Company continually talk to everyone about what they do. It is very important to them in attracting the right people into the business in a market area where publicity is not always good. They demonstrate to their employees that they practice what they preach i.e. their collections team will spend time with customers planning how they can make payments and stay in a car rather than repossessing the vehicle when they haven't paid. As the company grow communicating what they do to their employees gets harder but increasingly more important.

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