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About The Furniture Practice Ltd

The Furniture Practice procure furniture and furniture related services to architects and designers for corporate clients.

They believe in constant innovation and encourage staff members to keep seeking out ways to improve themselves and the organisation.

The Furniture Practice provide speech and drama training to improve presentation skills of employees.

If an employee is particularly great at something, The Furniture Practice encourage them to host a workshop for their colleagues, which they will get support in developing. Sharing some of the expertise that they have between the walls is not only beneficial to the people receiving the training but also the person facilitating.

The feedback provided can really push a person in their development. As a company they understand that employees may need to explore other avenues throughout their career. They have paid for courses in events management, set design and sustainability in order to support personal development that benefits the individual first and foremost.

What is it like to work for The Furniture Practice Ltd

Every person who is recruited into the business meets with at least one of the directors to ensure that there is an emotional fit as well as a business fit. Senior management will include junior members of staff in the recruitment process as their perspective is important.
My Team
My Team
The Furniture Practice foster an open and honest environment and encourage staff to learn from each other. This is reflected in fortnightly company meetings where all members of staff are encouraged to contribute and present. They acknowledge achievements, discuss lessons learned and share notable projects and events, this is then followed by socialising at their in-house bar. 
My Company
My Company
The induction handbook at The Furniture Practice provides new recruits information on the philosophy, industry, processes, benefits, and policies of the organisation. 

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  • Women

    At least 40% of senior managers are women

  • Gym

    Companies offering either free gym/ sports facilities or subsidised gym membership for all employees

  • Profit Related Payment
    Profit Related Payment

    Companies offering profit related pay to all employees

  • Development

    Companies that provide support for non-work related training to all staff

  • Family Friendly
    Family Friendly

    School hours contracts offered to all staff

Company Statistics

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  • Male : Female:

    37% / 63%

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