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    Ensuring that fair and accurate measurement is available and used for transactions regulated by law. We support business by facilitating and promoting innovation in the way measurement is used.
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About The National Measurement Office

NEARLY EIGHT CENTURIES ago, the Magna Carta famously declared: "There shall be one measure of wine throughout our whole realm, and one measure of ale and one measure of corn — namely, the London quart — and one width of dyed and russet and hauberk cloths — namely, two ells below the selvage. And with weights, moreover, it shall be as with measures."

Nowadays, the task of deciding how long is a piece of string falls to the National Measurement Office (NMO), which is run from a purpose-built laboratory in Teddington, Middlesex. The NMO's job is to ensure UK measurement is accurate, fair and legal for more than £212 billion of retail goods and £280 billion of business-to-business trade every year.

Its staff see their work as making a difference to the nation (71% positive). They find the job stimulating (70%) and are proud to be on board (72%). Indeed, conditions at the office are so good they rarely interfere with employees' home life (73%). Only one other small public sector organisation can boast a better degree of happiness in this respect.

The NMO is in the top 20 overall for employee Wellbeing. Staff have not suffered ill health because of their job (75%) or recent work-related stress (71%). They feel valued by managers, who talk openly and honestly (73%) and care about them as individuals (71%). With engineers earning, on average, £55,000 a year, most of the 68-strong workforce have been at the NMO for about 15 years.

What is it like to work for The National Measurement Office

My Manager
My Manager
The National School of Government helps to support staff with all training such as tool kits and other resources. They also have access to a wide variety of resources across the Civil Service. A programme is being organised for professional coaches and mentors to be available for the staff.
Being a small organisation everybody knows one another and the staff are very caring toward each other. Once the gym was set up several staff were embarrassed to join but with peer support and encouragement many of the staff enjoy their new found exercise regimes and say it helps in many ways. The gym is open all day and there are no restrictions when it can be used. They provide bicycles for people to use to cycle to work or to go on rides around the local area.
Giving Something Back
Giving Something Back
The National Measurement Office has a voluntary team who dedicate their time to ensure that they are a sustainable organisation. They monitor activities such as travel for business and ensure that they use environmentally friendly materials in the workplace. They use recycled stationery and environmentally friendly consumables, recycle paper and cartridges and toners and also ensure kitchen waste is recycled and disposed of in accordance with local authority guidelines. They also have A rated fridges and a dishwasher in the kitchen area.

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  • Women

    At least 33% of senior managers are women

  • Holidays

    Companies offering a minimum of 25 days annual leave

  • Gym

    On-site gym or subsidised gym memberships

  • Charity Activities
    Charity Activities

    10% of staff undertake charitable activities during business hours

  • Childcare

    On-site nursery or vouchers

  • Long Service
    Long Service

    40% of employees with more than 5 years' service

  • Maternity

    At least 10 weeks' leave on full pay

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