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    • The Net-a-Porter Group Ltd, 1 Village Offices, Westfield, Ariel Way, London, W12 7GF

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Net-a-Porter delivered a series of company presentations to the teams around the world. This is a multi-media presentation to celebrate their successes - group,team and individual, look at the upcoming plan and also revisit why they are here. The serious moments are tempered by videos including the Senior management team dancing Gangnam style. The ability of the senior management team to speak authoritatively, inspirationally, while being able to not take themselves too seriously is very precious, especially in the fashion industry.

My Company
My Company

HR are a customer facing team so they are out and about with staff not just with managers. They are there as the BLESS guardians to make sure the desire to do the right thing is always there and to challenge managers to encourage their teams to do be strong. If a subordinate is better than you at their job then that is something the company embrace. Everyone is a consumer and no one knows their business better than Net-a-Porter, so ensuring ideas can bubble up, helps. The company have "hack days" where they have little swat team who invent ideas for customer, team or brands - the top ones are picked out and made a reality. The NAP Live function on the website came from the desktop support team - the customers love it! We also hold Innovators awards where individuals can be seconded to work on project teams off the back of their ideas.

Fair Deal
Fair Deal

Net-a-Porter are a high performing environment and therefore tenure is not the driver for a salary review. Instead they use a structured and robust way to measure individual perfomance and contribution. Feedback on an individual often involves 360 feedback and people are measured on how they do things as well as the outputs. They are awarded a talent rating which informs their salary increase. The company don't subscribe to the forced distribution curve model. However, they have the flexibility to reward effort and attitude, perhaps more than they might if they had a strict grading structure. We also encourage others to recognise individual effort through the peer voting award schemes. There is lots of internal and external recognition of what good looks like because this engenders pride in your work place and encourages positive behaviours.

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  • Women

    At least 33% of senior managers are women

  • Holidays

    Companies offering a minimum of 25 days annual leave

  • Gym

    On-site gym or subsidised gym memberships

  • Charity Activities
    Charity Activities

    10% of staff undertake charitable activities during business hours

  • Childcare

    On-site nursery or vouchers

  • Health Insurance
    Health Insurance

    Full family cover

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