T(n)S Catering Management Limited

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Independent Contract Caterer

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T(n)S Catering Management Limited, 51 Parade, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, CV32 4BA

Our Mission/Vision

Mission: To create and enhance a new style of management for the provision of catering services in business & industry, healthcare and education sectors of the food service market. Vision: To provide excellent support both locally and nationally, to produce locally sourced food as close to service time as possible, to provide an environment in which all our employees develop to their full potential and to always deliver on our promises,

Company Information

PEA AND FETA arancini rice balls are the type of imaginative school dinners supplied by T(n)S Catering. The Leamington Spa-based company delivers corporate catering and food services to the education, healthcare, business and industry sectors.

A roadshow visiting the regions where the firm’s 85 UK sites are located was introduced in 2016. The Plymouth, Wakefield, Brighton and Swindon events provided an opportunity for local
staff to discuss the business directly with directors Phil Tyas and Tim Smith, who founded it in 2003.

Members of the 530-strong workforce feel senior managers truly live the values of this organisation (78% positive), which include valuing employees, exceeding customer expectations and providing excellent food. They also believe the caterer is run on strong principles (78%). More than that, staff are confident in the leadership skills of their managers (78%), who they say care about them as individuals and express appreciation when they do a good job (both 78%). Bosses are also considered to speak honestly to staff (81%).

Increased social media engagement has facilitated company-wide bonding. Award winners are congratulated and photos of team activities such as cookery school and “safe, sound and smiling” training are shared via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Colleagues say that their teams are fun to work with (81%) and they also believe they can make a contribution to the success of T(n)S Catering (80%).


Company Statistics

  • 2%

    Earning £35,000+

  • 2003


  • 29%

    Staff Turnover

  • 32% / 68%

    Male : Female

  • 42

    Average Age

  • 530


  • 85

    UK sites

List History

  • Best Companies To Work For List 2017


  • Sunday Times List 2015


  • Sunday Times List 2013


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