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What is it like to work for Town and Country Housing Group

Personal Growth
Personal Growth
Training and development is high on the agenda at Town and Country Housing Group and they are committed to developing staff to enable them to progress within the organisation. The number of internal promotions has been steadily increasing. Development needs are recorded at annual and interim appraisals but are also addressed throughout the year as legislation changes or services change. Generic courses are run where appropriate and the company seek to tailor all in house courses to the client group needs. Learning is not only accessed through training events, Town and Country Housing Group offer shadowing, coaching and mentoring for all staff. Staff also take responsibility for their own development needs and there is a requirement for staff to keep up to date with potential changes and future developments so the company can plan and lead change rather than react to it. The ‘Buddy’ role was created to help new members of staff settle into the organisation but also to help established staff gain experience of mentoring. The customer experience programme includes a range of development opportunities around customer service but also enables non managerial staff to take leadership roles and develop these skills. Further leadership and management training has been provided to build on this and the training was recently offered to staff who had little or no experience of management but saw that as their next career step. Town and Country Housing Group encourage staff to undertake vocational/professional study to support professional development. The company pay for professional membership relevant to their job and some paid time off is allowed for study and taking examinations.
My Team
My Team
This is year two of Town and Country Housing Group ‘Journey to Customer Excellence’, a customer experience programme based on empowering staff; encouraging teamwork; and promoting customer service. Cross team working groups were established and asked to develop ideas that would benefit the Group. The ideas were presented by each Group at the staff conference in December 2014 with many of ideas being taken forward. For example, the development of an app for tenants to facilitate mobile access to their account. One of the groups established was the 'Buddy' group. The role of a Buddy is to help new members of staff settle into the organisation and highlight the Group’s commitment to customer excellence. Buddies explain what this means in practice using the 'brilliant basics' - a shared commitment to responding to all customers promptly and resolving problems at the earliest stage. Another idea that has been implemented is a shadowing scheme to facilitate understanding of other team's, their roles. The scheme was established in April 2015 with positive feedback and good take-up. This summer continuous improvement groups from across the organisation have also been established with a view to improving organizational wide issues, such as the mutual exchange process. The recent challenge for the cross team working Groups was to develop ideas for community action days. Staff ran sessions to support tenants during Customer Service Week and the activities culminated in a highly successful family fun day run by staff with the theme of managing Christmas on a budget.
My Company
My Company
All of the staff at Town and Country Housing Group are familiar with the vision and values of the group, there are posters all around the building and all new starters receive a copy of the vision and values in their induction pack. The values are replicated on mouse mats, calendars and even sweets! that are given to new starters. The values were central to the development of competencies for managers and staff and to the development of the customer experience programme. Living the values is a key theme and links into the company’s customer service goals; responding to queries promptly, respecting others, being responsive and taking ownership. The values are also held on the website and are part of the golden thread that links what Town and Country Housing Group do in terms of service delivery to their values. Pride is the first value and the one most people identify with. The Buddies, who mentor new staff, go through the values with them at a face to face meeting. New managers have a delivery plan that stems from the company vision and values and is monitored through the leadership group on a monthly basis. The company’s internal training programmes will also be aligned more closely to their values from next year.

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