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My Manager
My Manager
UKTV's Management Academy is now in its fourth successful year. This is the company's bespoke 12 month programme for colleagues new to people management that gives them the skills, tools and confidence to be great people managers. This extensive programme covers topics such as coaching & feedback, employment law, diversity and developing teams. All participants have a 360 feedback process at the beginning and end of the programme which gives them the chance to reflect on their own progress during the year. There are 14 participants this year, which is the most yet, and the programme has gained real kudos across the company with people very keen to nominate themselves. Each year they celebrate the achievements of the participants with a 'Graduation Ceremony' at all staff meetings where they receive their certificates and a bottle of fizz!
The company’s 'Bank of Me' programme started to rollout this year. This one day session is a highly experiential day and is all about reflecting on how much they invest in themselves and what they do that actually withdraws from the ‘Bank of Me’. UKTV has made an ongoing commitment to investing in people as part of their drive towards ensuring they have exceptional people in a brilliant workplace succeeding through incredible relationships. During the session, the facilitators explore how colleagues are managing their emotions when they might find themselves in challenging situations, and this builds on previous Building Incredible Relationships sessions. It's a unique opportunity to be part of a day that draws on the experiences of high performers, including those of Steve Williams OBE and twice Olympic Gold medallist. Colleagues explore what it takes to sustain high performance in business and ensure they're investing enough in themselves on a day-to-day basis to perform at their best and manage their own positive wellbeing. The holistic approach of the day involves elements which help support wellbeing, including tips on diet, sleep and physical exercise.
My Team
My Team
Earlier this year, every team in the company took part in a team building training session called 'Building Incredible Relationships'. The sessions explored team members preferred styles through Myers Briggs profiles in order to help them better understand themselves, others in their teams and how they worked. With a view to helping people better manage their stress levels and maintain optimal personal performance, the sessions also explored which behaviours, situations or interactions might provoke positive and negative responses in people. It encouraged people to share these with colleagues and helped them identify strategies for maintaining positive personal performance. The sessions also introduced a common language for people to use to help colleagues understand and support colleagues when they responded negatively to behaviour, situations or interactions with others.

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