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About WCI Consulting Ltd

Staff at WCI are well rewarded for the firm’s world-class performance. The company, which increased its British sales by more than 60% to £62.3m in 2001, employs people who make a difference. And since 70% of staff own shares, they have an interest in its success.

WCI was created on January 1, 2001, as a merger between two companies, World Class International consultancy and 2GL, a hardware and systems sales company. Both were formed in the 1980s by hands-on managers, and both wanted “people who go the extra mile to excel at the job”.

All of the original management — bar one, who retired — are still on the team now that WCI is an international company with 9,000 contracts, including Microsoft, Volvo and the NHS, for whom it set up the 24-hour NHS Direct telephone service.

The firm offers generous rewards for hard work. Engineers, the largest group, earn £15,750, and consultants are paid £70,000. Some staff won up to £60,000 in performance-related pay last year (although only half qualify for this). A fifth of staff are paid more than £55,000. Other benefits vary: less than half of staff have private healthcare, a third have life insurance of four times salary, but everyone with a year’s service can join the save-as-you-earn share scheme.

The atmosphere at the headquarters in Denmead near Portsmouth is good, with pleasant woodland surroundings, free hot drinks and a paid-for “fish and chip” Friday to celebrate the end of the week.

There are offices in Bracknell, Bristol and Southampton (with others in New York and Hungary), all of which encourage environmental friendliness by recycling cardboard and with initiatives such as sending old computers to schoolchildren in Romania.

More than five out of six employees say they have a fun team to work with, laugh a lot at work, but also have confidence in each other’s abilities. Robert Boulton, a support engineer, says: “The team and company are very sociable. People are always enthusiastic about arranging events such as paintballing, trips to France and golf tournaments.”

Families are less well catered for, with no formal policy of additional pay and leave for new parents — but women, 17% of the staff, are fairly represented at all levels.

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