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My Manager
My Manager
WDP's monthly Line Manager supervision process is very supportive, as well as focused on performance management. Employees Managers conduct a one to one return to work interview after every absence, which includes ensuring that the individual is indeed well enough to be at work and to help identify any underlying issues. The organisation also offers 360 coaching, 360 feedback and an annual appraisal for staff.
Personal Growth
Personal Growth
Westminster Drug Project (WDP) has in the past had a fully funded internal OCN accredited staff qualification course to help new practitioners evidence their competency. The company's commitment to employee development includes investing in competency, qualifications and also continuing their professional development programmes. The organisation believes in growing talent and approximately 40% of their Managers are home grown. The annual WDP Staff Away Day took place on Monday 21st and Tuesday 22nd November, hosted at the Irish Centre in Camden. Both days were a resounding success, with a number of achievements from the past year discussed and celebrated. Each day began with some introductory words from the Chair Yasmin Batliwala and the joint Chief executives, Arun Dhandayudham and Manish Nanda. The morning and afternoon workshops followed, consisting of Breaking Free Online, Informal Learning at WDP, Teamwork and Change and Working with Young People. All workshops were informative and interactive, highlighting WDP’s intention of growing. The SAVA awards further emulated this theme, celebrating the diligence and dedication of WDP staff throughout their various centres.
WDP operates a Health, Safety & Wellbeing handbook. They also have a Staff Handbook that includes a stress management policy and guide aimed at Managers and team members. The handbook includes suggestions about how to notice and mitigate stress. WDP's approach to flexible working contributes to employee wellbeing, as does their investment in employee learning and development. The company's L&D team delivers training open to all employees, which is particularly useful for practitioners engaging with service users. It covers noticing signs of stress, supporting team members, stress reduction techniques, ways to minimise stress and next steps if more than self-care is required. Most teams engaging directly with client caseloads also receive group clinical supervision with an external clinical supervisor or an alternative suitable reflective space.

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