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About Witan Jardine

Recruitment consultants at Witan Jardine spend their days helping jobseekers, safe in the knowledge that they are among the happiest employees in the UK. Staff at the London-based company strongly recommend working for the organisation, returning an 83% score.

Andy Winterburgh, the managing director, has been with the privately-owned firm, founded in 1996, for 10 years and runs it on sound moral principles (80%). People feel their manager talks openly and honestly with them (84%) and supports them in their work (85%).

Staff are treated to a weekend in a European destination once a year for a summer party and gestures such as these make them feel the value of their contribution is acknowledged (shown by an 82% positive score).

Employees, whose benefits include maternity pay above statutory requirements, report their health is not suffering because of work (80%) and that they have not had recent stress-related symptoms because of their job (79%). They say their training is of great personal benefit to them, with a 77% score, and feel that the job is good for their own growth (79%).

The company supports staff studying for accounting and marketing qualifications by funding their courses and allowing them study leave.

Company Statistics

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  • Male to Female ratio:

    44% / 56%


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