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Sally Hutfield, Director of Operations, was invited to do a 'back to the floor' shift in one of their Direct Access Hostels. Although Sally has 'worked her way up' through the ranks, it's been some time since she's done a night shift as a support worker. When she was invited to 'give it a go' however, she jumped at the chance, booked herself in and rolled up her sleeves. In the end it proved to be a challenging night but a valuable one. Working with vulnerable young people at night in a homeless hostel presents any number of stories and scenarios but Sally rose to the occasion and used the chance to link in with staff there to hear what their issues were, ideas they had and to talk about how things were going or what the wider organisation was doing. Sally keeps a blog on the staff intranet and used the opportunity to write about what she'd been up to. It was brilliantly received and people loved the fact that people 'at the top' were prepared to roll up their sleeves and 'give it a go'. It showed that the senior managers were far from out of touch, knew what challenges were being faced by support staff and still had the skills and understanding to do the shop floor work. It had quite a significant impact on staff as they were able to read about and comment on Sally's experiences.
My Manager
My Manager
Manager’s main way of monitoring a job well done is through the clients being happy and having good support plans and risk assessments in place. Managers will then recognise this by praising staff, giving recognition at team meetings, through the Talent Reviews and by nominating staff for staff excellence awards. Managers take people's needs and desires into consideration when setting up rotas. For example, if possible they don't roster people on duty on nights they may have regular social activities or ask team members to swap shifts in order to be as accommodating as possible. Managers ensure that staff abide by the Code of Conduct and lay down what is expected in specific services at team meetings and through supervision. They ensure staff understand how they impact on the bigger picture at the Talent Review, where their objectives link to the organisational business plan and their Key Performance Indicators link to the organisational ones.
Personal Growth
Personal Growth
This year, they have invested hugely in introducing e-learning across the organisation. 15 packages have been launched since May 2011 and since then, 898 modules have been passed. Feedback has been complimentary and positive and has allowed for a more flexible approach to learning allowing a dispersed and busy workforce to access specialist training at a time and place that suits them. This has had the advantage of reducing their costs whilst ensuring staff are engaged and motivated as well as being 'up to date' on training. The content of these packages are very interactive, fun and informative. An example of the difference this makes is that one service even has a learning competition which sees staff competing for the best scores and most modules successfully completed. This has really seen a transformation where staff see learning as a fun and essential part of their role.

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  • Women

    At least 33% of senior managers are women

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    On-site gym or subsidised gym memberships

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    On-site nursery or vouchers

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    Long Service

    40% of employees with more than 5 years' service

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