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About YourCash Europe Limited

What is it like to work for YourCash Europe Limited

Trust, loyalty and respect are values that the business commits to on a daily basis. From the senior management team this is reflected in their behaviour towards their teams and colleagues. The management team realise the value of each of their teams offer and understand who the team experts are. They listen and expect guidance from these experts ensuring when a project is delivered, all relevant parties are thanked for their efforts and recognised individually either verbally or by a personal written thank you. The senior managers all have extensive knowledge in the business and readily share the information with their teams. The transparency the Board offers the business ensures that every member of the business has a clear idea on the business goals and the true vision of the business. This encourages an environment of respect, as the Board trusts every member of the business to support and deliver the goal. The Board’s collaborative disposition guarantees all the teams are working to the same goal through shared knowledge and mutual respect.
The second Wellbeing Event organised by YourCash was held in October 2014 for all employees. The company invited a number of guest speakers from various companies to talk to staff about their wellbeing needs. The event ran over three days with different topics and guests attending each day. The topics included; blood pressure checks, general lifestyle advice, stress management and counselling, nutrition advice, health coaching, holistic health coaching, Confidence with colours advice and belly dancing sessions. Healthy breakfast snacks were available throughout the three day event to all staff. The feedback received from employees regarding this event was very positive. Following on from our Wellbeing Event held in October 2014 the employee feedback gathered was that staff would like to have a series of sessions. Therefore, we engaged the services of a Life and Fitness Coach for a 12 week period earlier this year to provide weekly talks twice a week, on site, on a range of life and fitness issues. The topics covered included: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner ideas, Goal setting, Desk Exercises, The importance of Protein, Natural Living, Office Nutrition, Stress Management, Positive Thinking, To do Lists, Top Apps, Gadets and Tools, Why Core is important, Why it is important to move while at work, The importance of sleep, The Importance of calories and How to deal with things when they are not going well. Overall feedback received from those employees who attended the sessions was very positive with a number of people deciding to sign up with the coach to continue their fitness and lifestyle programme in their own time.
Fair Deal
Fair Deal
YourCash provides all staff with the opportunity to be rewarded and recognised on a monthly basis. The unique approach awards 100% attendance for staff. This reward consists of entering all employees with 100% attendance within that month into a prize draw for a ‘Recognition Award’. An employee is randomly picked to have an additional paid half day holiday in addition to their normal standard holiday entitlement. This reward is announced through an email to the winning employee and to the rest of the company.

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  • Women

    At least 40% of senior managers are women

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    Companies offering a minimum of 25 days annual leave to all employees

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    Profit Related Payment

    Companies where profit related pay is available and at least 50% of people receive it

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