How does it work?

It starts with the right questions

It’s not just knowing what questions to ask, it’s knowing how to ask them. We have developed an academically rigorous methodology that gets to the heart of what people want and expect from their working lives.

This unique system looks for patterns, connections and correlations between employee responses, taking you beyond just identifying how your employees feel – it uncovers why they feel that way.

It starts with the right questions

The 8 Factor Model

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Beginning your engagement journey

Your engagement journey can be as brief or as far-reaching as you like. Wherever your organisation needs to go, we’ll be with you at every step to make things as simple as possible.
A typical journey might include the following 5 stages:





Using the insights gathered from Workplace Insight Pro and MC3, you’ll be well-placed to build a comprehensive, whole-of-organisation engagement plan. We offer a range of interventions, workshops and improvement programmes that can give you and your organisation the power to significantly improve engagement levels.

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If your BCI score is high enough, you’ll earn an accreditation, from ‘Ones to Watch’ right through to ‘3 Star’ status.

Best Companies accreditations can help you attract and retain the best talent and give you a fantastic opportunity to showcase the engagement health of your organisation.

  • BC_Accred_2020_OTW
  • BC_Accred_2020_1star
  • BC_Accred_2020_2star
  • BC_Accred_2020_3star

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Get Listed

Each year, the highest-scoring organisations have the option of appearing on the prestigious Best Companies to Work For lists published by The Sunday Times.

As well as being a celebration of great engagement, they are unique PR opportunities on a national platform.

  • 2020-Best-Big-Companies-small-for-web
  • 2020-Best-Companies-small-for-web
  • 2020-Best-Not-For-Profit-small-for-web
  • 2020-Best-Small-Companies-small-for-web

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