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5 reasons to upgrade to Workplace Insight Pro

A good engagement survey enables you to hear how your employees think and feel. A great one transforms the data you collect into actionable insights, allowing you to feedback meaningful data to your employees so that they know they have been heard.

If you have completed – or are about to complete – the b-Heard survey, Workplace Insight Pro can help you get the most out of your data. See how Bristan Group used Pro to improve employee
retention here.

Here’s our top 5 reasons to upgrade:

1. Gain deeper understanding

By upgrading to Pro you can access much more. You can breakdown your results by question rather than just by factor, to gain a clearer picture of engagement in your organisation. You can see demographic data and scores by teams or departments – allowing you to target the issues that really matter to your employees.

2. Downloadable data packs

You can easily produce relevant data packs in just a few clicks. You might like to produce a pack for your leadership team or for specific a business area based on the results. Pro enables you to identify exactly what data you would like to share, then generate reports which are ready for you to share with key people in your organisation. Workplace Insight Pro

3. Stronger benchmarking

See how you compare with your competitors and within your sector through comprehensive benchmarking. You can compare to the Top 100 Best Companies to Work For, meaning that you can easily identify areas for improvement to compete with the very best.

4. Access valuable qualitative data

Gain access to rich qualitative data with a full transcript of all employee comments. With Pro you can read and analyse all your employee responses, explaining what they think makes your organisation a good place to work, and importantly what they think could make it an even better one.

5. Get the results you need

By enabling you to view detailed results in the online portal with just a view clicks, Pro can support you in understanding your data. Ultimately, helping you to identify key issues and take action to drive sustainable change.

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