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A unique opportunity to be recognised

One thing that has been clear throughout 2020 so far is some of the fantastic leadership, management and social responsibility demonstrated by so many organisations in the UK. In contrast to the hardship of the virus, there has been an abundance of care.

We believe such effort deserves recognition. So does the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) and the Cabinet Office.

And like us, they feel that some good news is in order. Our joint strategy is to showcase your organisation at a national, regional and sector level in October/November, to coincide with a major drive to re-build the UK economy.

How do we get involved?

Our Best Companies accreditation is the recognised standard for workplace engagement, and gaining a 1, 2 or 3 Star status shows that you have been well led and managed.

To be involved, simply survey your employees with our b-Heard survey in September/October of this year to go for your Best Companies accreditation for 2021. We can now do this with as little as 24 statements (click here to find out more.)

We will work with you on a tailored PR plan to optimise your social and media coverage, giving you the deserved recognition for your fantastic efforts to continue engaging your staff in spite of the pandemic.

The Best Companies to Work For lists

We will then re-survey your organisation in January/February, at no additional cost, to include you in our list programme that we will celebrate collectively in May 2021.

Working together we can help to inspire and rebuild the UK economy, and make sure that you get the recognition that you deserve.

To find out more, please contact us.

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