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Action Planning now available in Workplace Insight

Planning is a big part of improving engagement levels. Just as important as surveying engagement is the improvement effort that follows. Without this, organisations run the same survey time and again, which disillusions employees and sees little in the way of effective planning for the future.

Creating objectives based on your engagement survey data is the next step to increase engagement, but where should you begin? What team needs to improve what? Who should you include in the conversation?  Hosting Action Planning workshops with employees encourages greater ownership, creating objectives that employees feel part of and are committed to.

Within Workplace Insight Pro, Action Planning is now available. Using your engagement data, we analyse and report on the engagement factors that need focus for the organisation overall and individual teams. This data can be downloaded and used to run your own Action Planning workshops, with a facilitator guide and notes available for managers to get the most out of their sessions.

By holding Action Planning workshops you will empower your teams to impact their own engagement levels and have visibility of the strategic actions being put in place. Your guide goes through everything from logistics to follow-up actions. The tool also sets up an agenda tailored to your needs and provides the collateral to help make your sessions a success.

For more information, contact your account manager at Best Companies.

by Andrew Scattergood
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