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Case Study: EE
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Best Companies Case Study: EE

Using engagement to manage big organisational changes at EE

The Challenge

When EE was formed from the merger of Orange and T-Mobile, then acquired by the BT Group, a key aspect was to ensure the retention of a positive culture.

People in organisations facing structural changes may feel uncertainty and anxiety, which can affect productivity. These kind of changes also present new opportunities.

EE’s main challenges were to:

    • Measure engagement in a more targeted way
    • Benchmark effectively against similar organisations
    • Shine a light on all aspects of employee engagement
    • Attract and keep the best people

The Solution

The Discover package

Workplace Insight Pro’s filtering, benchmarking and demographic analytics showed EE where engagement levels were lower and helped them create effective action plans to improve.

They appointed engagement champions and work factor teams to discuss and exploit the insights they discovered.

They also employed tailored messaging and collaborative planning to better communicate their results and engagement strategy within the organisation.

Maintaining focus

“Taking part in the annual Best Companies survey has become an integral part of our engagement campaign.

We use the results from this survey and an internal survey to continually challenge ourselves to improve. Having an external benchmark helps keep everyone focused on our end goal.”

Damon Fossey, EE Director of Talent, Development & Organisation Performance

The Outcome

Our methodology allowed EE to measure how their staff felt during periods of change and empowered them to address the issues revealed.

They improved their Best Companies Index (BCI) score from 612.9 to 746.8 and got the recognition they were looking for – earning a 3 Star accreditation and first place in 2018’s Best Big Companies to Work For list.

The recognition has boosted EE’s external brand, provided a focus for improvement each year and helps them to keep and recruit the best people.

EE scooped a range of customer service awards between 2015 and 2017 and now believe there is a direct correlation between workplace engagement and success.

“Working hand in hand with Best Companies has created a sense of pride and passion that has truly helped us to thrive.”

Damon Fossey, EE Director of Talent, Development & Organisation Performance

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