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Case Study: Ryder
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Ryder Architecture
Professional/Architects & Surveyors
Head Office
Newcastle upon Tyne
Accredited Since
Current Accreditation
3 Star

Best Companies Case Study: Ryder Architecture

Improving personal development at Ryder

The Challenge

Investing in employee development is good for workers and their employers. Ryder Architecture understood this.

They wanted to:

  • Discover opportunities to nurture and develop talent
  • Benchmark themselves against other organisations
  • Understand how staff thought and felt about their work

The Solution

The Discover package

Ryder used Workplace Insight Pro to explore their survey responses by each of the 8 factors of workplace engagement.

It provided the insights they needed to develop a new, continuous personal development programme, creating opportunities for staff to advance their careers.

Taking our survey also gave Ryder a Best Companies Index (BCI) score, accreditation status and a place on the Best Companies to Work For list, all of which allowed them to benchmark themselves against other organisations.

Strive for Excellence

“Participating in the Best Companies survey has been a catalyst providing the necessary tools to ensure we are listening to our people and achieving excellent levels of engagement. Best Companies helps us set the bar and strive for excellence to ensure we remain at the forefront as an employer which maximises our value through the service we provide to our clients.”

Helen Whitfield, Ryder Architecture Communications Director

The Outcome

Acting on insights from the b-Heard survey increased Ryder Architecture’s Best Companies Index (BCI) scores from 666.1 in 2007 to 803.8 in 2017.

It also earned them higher accreditation levels, going from 1 to 3 Star status, and better performance in the Best Small Companies to Work For list.

In 2017, they recorded their highest-ever position at number 10.

“We are delighted with our progress and place high value on the survey and its results.”

Helen Whitfield, Ryder Architecture Communications Director

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