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COVID-19 – What Best Companies are doing for you

It seems very surreal how much the world has changed in the last few months. 

COVID-19 is making life incredibly difficult for so many individuals across the world. Employees find themselves being furloughed or laid off. Organisations’ strategic plans have been cancelled or delayed. Managers find themselves in a world where they are required to manage their teams remotely whilst needing to provide organisational clarity in an environment that is changing day by day.

Perhaps most concerning is that we simply don’t know how long this situation will last.

At Best Companies, we know that understanding your engagement levels and giving employees an opportunity to give feedback is an important part of running a successful, productive organisation. Now more than ever, it’s vital that employees have an opportunity to voice their worries and feel heard, and we feel it’s our responsibility to help you achieve this.

As a result, we have released a new pulse survey that is free of charge to any organisation to roll out to their employees.

Pulse surveys are traditionally used to ‘dip-check’ on engagement levels (find out more here). In this case, we’re taking a measurement of engagement using 16 of our standard statements, but adding in some additional elements to get a firm understanding of how employees feel as a result of COVID-19. You will also have the option to customise this further with additional statements should you wish.

“I have to confess to questioning what difference we can make as an organisation in this time of global crisis. For a time I felt quite powerless until I realised that our colleagues need a voice more than ever before and that is something that we can help with.

“So, we have put together a short pulse survey to help organisations better understand the feelings and potential anxieties of their colleagues. We are not charging for this as we feel this is something that we can do to play our part in bringing people and organisations together in these most extraordinary times.”

Jonathan Austin, Best Companies Founder & CEO

You can run the pulse survey at any time to suit you between April-June. All reporting data for both your organisation and your managers will be available to you without charge and will contain verbatim comments about how your employees are feeling. Our team will be on hand to ensure that the set-up is simple, smooth and efficient. 

As ever, managers will be an essential component to giving employees the time and resource they need to be productive and, more importantly, feel supported. It’s a difficult job in normal times, let alone in such unprecedented circumstances, which is why we want to ensure managers receive the recognition they deserve for going above and beyond to support their teams.

You will have the option to include additional manager feedback statements within the survey that will highlight great management. Our accreditation certification will allow managers to showcase their achievement both internally and externally. More details about can be found here.

Given the ongoing uncertainty, we want to make sure that organisations are getting the best advice possible to help their employees through this difficult time.

It may be that you feel that you have a good handle on the feelings of your colleagues and are confident in the steps that you are taking to look after your staff. If this is the case, we would really appreciate you sharing with us the steps you are taking, so that we can share them with others in the Best Companies community. Be it an innovative communication method, method of supporting colleagues or a focus on mental health,  sharing this knowledge with others will help businesses to weather this storm and flourish in the future.

For more information about this pulse survey and to contribute to the Best Companies community, please contact us.

Ollie Stokes
by Ollie Stokes
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