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Improvements to the b-Heard survey process

Back in December 2018, we sent out a survey to all Best Companies clients asking for their opinion on the survey process from last year.

Off the back of this, we received some fantastic feedback from over 200 organisations which we have used to make improvements to our process, making it easier for you to measure your engagement levels.

What Were the Key Feedback Points?

Based on the feedback, we identified three main areas for improvement;

  • The survey setup dashboard – making it easier to navigate through your dashboard, and understand each stage of your setup;
  • Your employee data upload – making sure that any errors in your employee spreadsheet are easy to see, and understanding how to resolve these;
  • The Organisation Questionnaire – understanding why this is a part of the process, and what benefit there is for you in completing the questionnaire.

What’s Changed for You This Year


In the survey setup dashboard, you can now begin multiple tasks at the same time and uploading your employee data is now faster, reducing the length of the survey setup process.

In your employee upload spreadsheet, it can be difficult to keep track of each piece of information for every employee, especially if you’re a large organisation! This year, your spreadsheet now highlights any areas where errors are found, and adds instructions on how to solve this error, again saving you time during your setup.

The benefit to you for filling out the Organisation Questionnaire is that the answers you provide allow us to consider your organisation for Special Awards that we give each year at our Awards Ceremony, and publish research articles that offer you detailed analysis of emerging workplace engagement trends (click here to find out more)

We also use the information you provide to publish a profile for you on our website if you are awarded an accreditation; the more engaging the facts and figures you put in, the more detailed a profile we can produce, and the more opportunity you have for us to refer to you as an organisation with great engagement initiatives!

Want to Get Involved?

Registration for this year’s survey is still open, and there is time to get your organisation set up to survey in time for The Sunday Times Best Companies List 2020! Click here to find out more, email us at [email protected], or call us on 01978 851220.

Julio Behambari
by Julio Behambari
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