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Setting up your engagement survey for success

Deciding to undertake an employee engagement survey in your organisation is a big decision. Planned properly, it can be the pivotal element of your annual engagement journey in helping you create sustainable change.

Sending out survey questions alone doesn’t cut it. Just as important as your initial commitment to an engagement survey is how you set it up for success. Our b-Heard survey process is designed to do just that. We’re here to help you get the most out of your survey throughout your journey – and the easiest way for us to do that is if you register early.

With busy calendars and endless overflowing inboxes it can often feel easier to put something off today for tomorrow. But in the mantra of Brian Tracy, sometimes it is just better to Eat That Frog and make sure you do those critical tasks – and importantly, the ones that have the potential for the most impact – first.

5 reasons to register early

1. Help us to help you

When you register for the b-Heard survey, you are assigned a dedicated client engagement specialist. Our specialists are there to support and guide you through the set-up process, and of course are always on hand to answer any questions that come up. Early registration means we can spend more time with you so that you can achieve your goals.

2. A warm welcome

We are currently booking in welcome calls with registered clients. Doing this sooner rather than later will help you understand the process and enable you to create a clear plan for your survey set-up. Make sure you don’t miss out!

3. It’s all about communication, communication, communication

A key determinant of the success of your survey is your response rate. If you don’t hear from a cross-section of your people then your results are probably not going to mean much.

We find that there are typically 3 reasons why an employee chooses not to complete a workplace engagement survey: purpose, fear of confidentiality and scepticism. If you start with the why and explain your reasons, share the methodology a survey provider uses to keep data confidential and showcase what you are planning to do with the results, you are putting yourself in a strong position for a high response rate. The earlier you can communicate with your organisation the better.

4. Ensuring accuracy

Any employee engagement survey requires the input of accurate data for valuable insights in your survey results.

By taking time and care in uploading your employees’ required information, you will be able to accurately report on the data you receive by relevant teams and departments. This will help you segment your data effectively to benchmark against your sector and other organisations. This can help you drive change in identified teams and departments.

5. Start thinking about your end game

Your survey is an important part of your engagement journey. After all, you want to find out what people think so you can continue with the good stuff and put plans in place to improve.

Thinking about your end-to-end engagement plan as soon as possible, and developing your goals and objectives for the end of the year now, puts you in the best position to achieve success.

Registration for the 2019 b-Heard survey is open.To find out more contact us on 01978 856 222 or at [email protected]

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