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Taking the insider track: A new partnership

Best Companies have formed a new partnership with Insider Media to showcase the Best Companies to Work For in multiple regions across the UK.

An engaged workforce is a more motivated and productive one. If people are engaged, they feel connected to each other and have a shared sense of purpose. This leads to better working relationships and greater collaboration – ultimately creating a more successful organisation*.

As workplace engagement specialists, we think it is important to regularly take stock and understand how your employees feel. Listening to the thoughts and opinions of your team can help paint an accurate picture of workplace engagement.

But how can you measure engagement in a meaningful way for your organisation?

Asking the right questions

The Best Companies b-Heard survey was designed to get to the crux of what people want and expect from their working lives, with more than 270,000 employees from over 700 organisations taking part last year.

People are given a voice to confidentially share what makes them smile – or frown – at work each day. Employees who take part are invited to respond to 70 statements, scored on a seven-point scale. This allows for more nuanced responses than a simple agree/disagree model.

The survey methodology considers 8 factors of workplace engagement to produce a Best Companies Index (BCI) score for each organisation, which is widely recognised as the industry standard of engagement.

Each year organisations who have received accreditations are celebrated and showcased in the Best Companies to Work For lists, published in partnership with The Sunday Times. The longest-running and most respected of their kind in the UK, these lists enable organisations to effectively benchmark themselves against similar ones – with lists published annually for big, mid-sized, small and not-for-profit organisations.

Shine in the regional limelight

This year, for the very first time, Best Companies have also partnered with Insider Media to produce ten regional Best Companies to Work For lists. Insider Media have featured the lists in some regional magazine publications and on their website. To view the Best Companies to Work For lists click here.

An opportunity to share positive best practice stories, the lists can help organisations boost local reputation and develop regional brand awareness. Ultimately giving organisations a visible platform to share the reasons why they are one of the Best Companies to Work For.

A local magnifying glass

Combining data insights from the b-Heard survey and benchmarking from the new regional lists, organisations can compare themselves to local competitors to develop practical plans to improve employee engagement in their region.

Registrations to take part in the Best Companies 2019 b-Heard survey, giving the opportunity to feature in the regional Best Companies to Work For lists with Insider Media are now open.

To find out more about the survey and how Best Companies measure, improve and recognise great workplace engagement click here.

*Best Companies Key Trends in Employee Engagement 2018 (Private Companies)

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