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The Engagement Plan – How to organise your engagement programme

Engagement is a journey, not a destination. 

As an ever-changing, year-round journey, project planning is something that can make such a significant impact when trying to keep your improvement and maintenance efforts on track. Scheduling in upcoming survey launches, updating demographic data and disseminating your engagement data afterwards are just some of the key steps to continuous engagement planning, and it can be difficult to keep track of each individual element and who is responsible for them.

With this in mind, we are developing an online engagement planning tool that will be ready for you to use later in the year. 

Designed to provide a holistic view of your engagement journey, The Engagement Plan promotes collaborative working and provides a clear and accurate representation of what’s expected, where responsibilities lie and how long each task is scheduled to take.

The Engagement Plan uses Gantt-style planning to cover your entire engagement journey, intuitively advising, recommending and prioritising your actions along the way. The tool allows you to delegate tasks easily and efficiently, and live notifications and nudges will help you and your team to manage the individual engagement tasks that have been assigned.

We’ve taken on feedback about the survey process from our users and have designed The Engagement Plan to help with the following objectives:

  • Forecasting upcoming tasks and key dates
  • Highlighting deadlines that are unrealistic
  • Keeping the whole project team on the same page
  • Managing resource

We’ll keep you updated on this feature as it develops, but if you’d like to read more about using engagement planning to get the most out of your survey, please click here.

by Sam Williams
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