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Workplace engagement: The key to customer satisfaction and business success

Customer satisfaction can make or break your organisation. If you can’t deliver the experience your customers want and expect, you risk losing them. It’s here that workplace engagement is key – which Best Companies research confirms.

The latest UK Customer Satisfaction Index report highlighted an overall decline in UK customer satisfaction in recent months. Although this movement is relatively small, The Institute of Customer Service (ICS) reported an increasing discrepancy between the highest performing organisations and the rest, including evidence that indicated achieving superior levels of customer satisfaction is a crucial enabler of sustainable financial results.

If keeping customers happy is becoming more challenging, and increasingly being seen as more important to overall performance, organisations will need motivated workers who are invested in the success of the organisation. It’s here that employee engagement is key.

Engaged employees = happy customers

The Best Companies b-Heard engagement survey measures the workplace engagement of more than 700 organisations each year. It asks employees how they feel about various aspects of their working lives.

Engagement and satisfaction at work aren’t strictly the same thing. That’s why the b-Heard survey goes deeper and asks 70 questions scored on a seven-point scale that allows for more nuanced responses than an agree/disagree model. This, combined with its unique 8 factor model, gives a structured and accurate insight into how employees feel.

The link between staff and customer satisfaction is well established. Numerous studies have supported the hypothesis that there is a strong relationship between employee engagement and customer satisfaction – that employees who are satisfied with their work are more likely to satisfy customers.

Our research demonstrates that there is a direct and positive relationship between engaged employees and the belief that a company provides a great service to its customers or clients.

If a company has a higher level of engagement (illustrated by a higher Best Companies Index score), the number of employees agreeing with the statement that the company offers a great service also increases.  

Engaged employees = happy shareholders

Not only does this show a clear link between engagement and customer satisfaction, our data shows that the most engaged organisations are more successful.

Best Companies accredited companies outperform the FTSE100. The most engaged companies (those who achieve a 1, 2 or 3 star Best Companies accreditation) outperform companies listed on the FTSE100 and indicates a correlation between engagement and business performance.

The key to success

EE claimed the top spot in the 2018 Best Big Companies to Work For list and believe there is a direct correlation between engagement and customer satisfaction.

In 2015, EE improved its engagement to achieve a 3 star Best Companies accreditation – demonstrating exceptional levels of engagement. In the same year they scooped a range of customer service awards including ‘Best Network of 2015’ (Mobile Choice Consumer Awards) and ‘Best Consumer Network’ (Mobile Industry Awards).

Jonathan Austin, Founder and CEO, believes engagement is a crucial aspect of customer satisfaction: “The link between engagement, customer satisfaction and success is something we’ve observed for a long time in our research. Employees in organisations with higher levels of workplace engagement naturally strive to provide the best service, which means happier customers and, ultimately, business success.”

To learn more about how measuring and improving engagement can benefit your organisation, click here, or call us on 01978 851 220.

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