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Workplace Insight Login now available for Managers

In many organisations, workplace engagement is left to the HR team. Though often appropriate to be led by your People team, we believe that engagement is an organisation-wide responsibility and managers should be empowered to play a key role in engaging their teams.

Managers can have a significant impact on many factors of workplace engagement, so in order to arm them with the tools to do so managers now have the option to access their team data directly through Workplace Insight Pro.

The feature enables managers to take responsibility for the data that they can directly impact, in turn speeding up data dissemination and opening up conversations with their teams about the areas to celebrate and improve.

Every Pro feature in Workplace Insight is available for managers to utilise in understanding their team engagement, including comparing their team’s engagement against previous surveys and other companies’, reviewing SWOT analysis of their team’s engagement levels, and downloading reports to share with their employees.

As soon as the survey data is available to the organisation, managers will have the option to access their team data. To find out more, please feel free to ask your account manager at Best Companies.

by Andrew Scattergood
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