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The b-Heard survey is where most organisations start their engagement journey.

It is a set of 24-70 academically designed questions based on our '8 factors of workplace engagement'. It is completely secure and confidential, so respondents are free to say how they really feel.

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Our accreditation programme is the standard for workplace engagement.

Accreditation tells your clients, partners, investors and employees that your organisation understands the importance of workplace engagement and genuinely values its people.

Whether you want to attract and retain top talent, benchmark your organisation against the best or simply recognise and celebrate great workplace engagement, an accreditation from Best Companies can make it happen.

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Every year we celebrate and showcase the very best in workplace engagement with our Best Companies to Work For lists.

Earning a place gives your organisation a unique, positive PR story on a regional, national and sectoral platform and provides you with an opportunity to benchmark yourself against your competitors.

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Our Workplace Insight solutions transform your survey data into actionable insights, giving you a unique and accurate picture of engagement in your organisation.

Our online portal is a sophisticated yet easy-to-use data analytics tool which enables you to explore and understand the results of your engagement survey.

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Level of Support

Our support package options allow you to choose the features and benefits that best suit your organisation's budget and aims.

Basic Premium
Welcome call
b-Heard survey support
Online resources
Multi-lingual online surveys*
Priority support
Project timeline
Data upload and validation
Bespoke questions and demographics

*The languages available depend on level of support. Call us on 01978 851220 to find out more.

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Give you and your organisation the power to make significant improvements to engagement levels.

We will take you through your data factor by factor and give you a clear and actionable insight into how you can improve engagement in your organisation.

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MC³ is a powerful methodology for measuring and improving the way that your managers engage with their teams.

Based on your survey results, the unique MC³ framework helps you identify great management in your organisation, as well as opportunities for improvement.

It enables you to have effective conversations with the right people and creates a positive platform on which to develop better recognition, understanding and support.

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The easy way to begin your engagement journey

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Delve deeper into your workplace engagement data

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The ultimate workplace engagement package

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See how your workforce really feels with this basic insight package. Compare yourself to other organisations and aim for a recognised accreditation and a spot on the list of the Best Companies to Work For. Gain an unprecedented insight into the engagement health of your organisation. Create bespoke reports and access our extensive benchmarking and best practice libraries. Compare yourself to other organisations and aim for a recognised accreditation and a spot on the list of the Best Companies to Work For. This comprehensive engagement programme allows you to identify and remedy engagement challenges in your organisation. Understand and improve key management behaviours, find your star players, build tailored engagement plans and work towards a place on the list of the Best Companies to Work For. Opt to survey a smaller population of your employees. This is not recommended and additional costs may apply if a site sample is required. You can also survey a sample of your employees. For more information, please contact us.

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A unique journey, designed for you

We can tailor your engagement journey to include all of the tools and activities you need to achieve your unique goals. These include tailored surveys, enhanced support and a range of workshops and engagement improvement programmes to help you engage your team and get the most from your survey data.

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