We recognise the importance of flexibility when surveying your employees, so we have made it easy to create your own bespoke surveys to suit your organisation's needs.

Build your survey starting with just 24 core statements and if you want to gain greater insight choose to add additional statements from a selection of over 120 verified and benchmarkable statements or add some of your own. The b-Heard survey is completely secure and confidential, giving respondents confidence in the integrity of the survey.

When your survey is complete, you'll get a Best Companies Index (BCI) score - our unique measure of workplace engagement.

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More than measurement

Our Workplace Insight solutions transform your survey data into actionable insights, giving you a unique and accurate picture of engagement in your organisation. 12 months unlimited surveying also ensures you can benchmark your progress easily and accurately.

Workplace Insight Pro can help you get the most out of your survey data, from deeper and more targeted data analysis to downloadable engagement reports and action planning tools.

MC3 is a powerful methodology for measuring and improving the way that your managers engage with their teams.

Based on your survey results, the unique MC3 framework helps you identify great management in your organisation, as well as opportunities for improvement. It helps enable you to have effective conversations with the right people and creates a positive platform on which to develop better recognition, understanding and support.

Our manager accreditation recognises managers that are going above and beyond to support their teams. The certification provided celebrates strong levels of managerial engagement to showcase their achievement both internally and externally.

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From insight to action

We offer a range of interventions, workshops and improvement programmes that can give you and your organisation the power to make significant improvements to engagement levels.

We will take you through your data factor by factor and give you a clear and actionable insight into how you can improve engagement in your organisation.

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