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Give your employees a voice using the
b-Heard Employee Engagement Survey

If you are looking to improve engagement levels in your business and, in doing so, create stronger teams, effective managers and a happier working life, then you need to start with a survey.

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Understanding how your employees are thinking and feeling sits at the very heart of your engagement journey. Their feedback will drive your decisions, give you areas of focus and help you put plans in place to make improvement happen. But it’s not just knowing what questions to ask; it’s knowing how to ask them.

Our b-Heard survey is powered by our academically rigorous methodology, developed alongside academics the University of Plymouth and the Department of Trade and Industry, and is proven to get to the heart of what people want and expect from their working lives.

This unique system looks for patterns, connections and correlations between employee responses, taking you beyond just identifying how your employees feel – it uncovers why they feel that way. It’s been tested on millions of UK employees and is continually reviewed.

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Asking the right questions

The b-Heard survey allows you to gain honest and insightful feedback by asking your employees to submit their responses both confidentially and securely – something crucial for gaining the maximum response rates.

The survey invites your employees to respond to statements about their wellbeing, pay and benefits, personal growth, team, the leadership and much more.

With a minimum of 24 'core' statements, you can choose to have up to 70 to use within your survey, selecting from a bank of over 120 different options to make it bespoke to your organisation.

Responses are recorded on a seven-point scale that allows for more granularity in the data we receive compared to a simple agree/disagree response scale or a five-point scale. We headcount adjust each statement to remove the influence of headcount on the score. This, combined with our unique 8 factor model, gives you a structured and accurate insight into how your employees feel. We then combine these scores to give your organisation a Best Companies Index (BCI) – our exclusive and academically robust measure of engagement.

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“Internet Fusion are focused on growth, we fully believe that our people are who will get us to where we want to be, if they are fully engaged at work. We decided to partner with Best Companies due to their reputation and their deep insights!”

Laura Sayles, People & Culture Director - Internet Fusion Group

12 month employee engagement survey plan

We know that convenience is key, so we offer you to measure engagement levels within your business as many times as you like within a 12-month period.

To make managing the process as simple as possible, we provide you with access to an intuitive ‘Engagement Plan’, which outlines a clear and accurate representation of how the survey process works from end-to-end, helping manage and set expectations of timescales, what’s involved and where responsibilities lie.

We also provide you with the tools to explain the importance of taking part in the survey to your staff, with a range of informational materials available to present or display.

Confidential and Secure

Confidential feedback you can believe in. The strict confidentiality of the b-Heard survey allows your employees to give honest responses without fear of reprisal, giving you a truer picture of how people in your organisation feel. This frank feedback empowers you to have more meaningful conversations and drive effective change.

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Benefits of our Employee Engagement Survey...

  • Flexibility to build a survey that measures what’s important to your organsiation.
  • 12 months unlimited surveying so you can plan your journey around company specific milestones.
  • Developed with academics from the University of Plymouth and the Department of Trade and Industry.
  • A robust workplace measurement, tested globally by millions of employees.
  • Easy to use digital platform.
  • Surveys available in multiple languages.

Who we work with...

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