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If you want to be recognised as an organisation that cares about doing things right, that values its people and that understands the importance of a truly engaged workforce, then a Best Companies Accreditation can make it happen.

We award accreditation based on the unique BCI score generated by your b-Heard survey. Your BCI score is scored on a fixed scale of 0 - 1000 and if high enough, you will receive either a ‘One to Watch’ status, or 1 – 3 Star Accreditation. Your achievement can help you attract and retain the best talent and give you an accurate benchmark against which to compare your engagement levels year-on-year, as well as seeing how you compare to others. It is a standard of excellence towards which many organisations aspire, but only the best achieve. Achieving recognition from Best Companies provides you with unrivalled PR and marketing opportunities, showcasing your organisation as part of a nationally recognised and respected scheme.

Best Companies Accreditation

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A One to Watch status is achieved with a BCI score of over 600, and represents ‘Good’ levels of Workplace Engagement
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A 1 Star Accreditation is achieved with a BCI score of over 659.5, and represents ‘Very Good’ levels of Workplace Engagement
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A 2 Star Accreditation is achieved with a BCI score
of over 696.5, and represents ‘Outstanding’ levels of Workplace Engagement
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A 3 Star Accreditation is achieved with a BCI score
of over 738, and represents ‘World Class’ levels of Workplace Engagement
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“The Accreditation is a true testament to the way everyone at BHP has adapted and supported each other throughout the year to once again demonstrate an ‘outstanding’ level of engagement. We are already planning on how we use the feedback from staff to continue to make BHP a Best Company to Work For.”

Lisa Leighton, Joint Managing Partner, BHP

Showcase your Accreditation

Those companies that achieve accreditation should be rightly proud. In order to help you showcase your success, accreditation plaques are available, as well as materials to display in your offices, on-site or at home.

We also provide digital assets, such as logos and banners, to decorate everything from websites to email footers.

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