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Managers can make a significant impact on engagement levels within an organisation. But are you giving them the access to the insight and data analysis they need to achieve it?

We believe that simply talking to managers about overall survey data, and how it relates to their team, does not provide them the opportunity to fully digest it and identify areas for action. With busy work schedules, it is often the case that where key messages are retained, more in-depth insights can be quickly forgotten.

Our powerful MC³ uses your survey results to establish a measure of engagement between your managers and their direct reports, giving them full visibility of areas for improvement and allowing them to identify specific actions and target individual areas of focus to make positive change happen.

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MC³ Explained

MC³ gives managers full ownership of not just improving engagement levels with their teams, but their own learning and development. The framework provides best practice that can be used to put measures in place to monitor progress and measure success.

Manager Accreditation

Our manager accreditation recognises managers that are going above and beyond to support their teams.

The certification provided celebrates strong levels of managerial engagement to showcase their achievement both internally and externally.

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77% of those utilising MC³ have seen an increase in engagement levels with their direct reports

The science behind MC³

The MC³ framework focuses on 4 key behaviours:


Motivational managers sell the direction and vision of their organisation, ensuring their people understand how they fit into a bigger picture.


Considerate managers have realistic and achievable expectations. They offer support and make sure good work is recognised.


Managers who engage in meaningful conversations listen to their team members and share vital information.


Caring managers respect their team members as people who have lives outside of work and show genuine interest in them as individuals.

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How can MC³ benefit your organisation?

  • Compare your managers to the best in the UK
  • Drive meaningful conversations with your managers
  • Inspire your managers to aim higher
  • Create high performing teams
  • Identify and retain your best talent
  • Recognise great management with manager accreditation

Did you know you could add MC³ to your bundle from as little as £1,200 *based on 90 employees

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