A powerful methodology for measuring and improving the way that your managers engage with their teams.

Based on your survey results, the unique MC3 framework helps you identify great management in your organisation, as well as opportunities for improvement. It helps enable you to have effective conversations with the right people and creates a positive platform on which to develop better recognition, understanding and support.

  • Compare your managers to the best in the UK
  • Drive meaningful conversations with your managers
  • Inspire your managers to aim higher
  • Create high performing teams
  • Identify and retain your best talent
  • Recognise great management with manager accreditation

The science of MC3

MC3 focuses on the 4 key behaviours:

Motivational managers sell the direction and vision of their organisation, ensuring their people understand how they fit into a bigger picture.

Considerate managers have realistic and achievable expectations. They offer support and make sure good work is recognised.

Managers who engage in meaningful conversations listen to their team members and share vital information.

Caring managers respect their team members as people who have lives outside of work, and show genuine interest in them as individuals.

Make more of MC3

We can help you integrate MC3 into your engagement activity through our MC3 Managerial Engagement Workshops. Our workshops can help turn a good start into a sustainable and far-reaching programme of positive change.

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