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Feature comparison

Deeper analysis

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Overall by factor
Find out how you score across each of the 8 factors of engagement
Key engagement Drivers
See correlations that reveal what is driving engagement in your organisation
Scores by business area
See overall engagement scores for your top level employment groups
Factor breakdown
Breakdown of scores for individual statements that make up each factor
Demographic data
Breakdown of employee responses by job grade, salary, age, gender & lots more
Detailed scores by business area
Filter data by employment groups, benchmark vs the rest of the organisation
Downloadable Data Packs
Download the most relevant insights from your survey results and share them with the key people in your organisation
Establish your organisation's key Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats
Action planning
Identify areas of improvement by using your survey data and Action Planning facilitation to help generate actions
Manager access to teams data
Empower your managers by giving them direct access to their team's data

Richer benchmarking

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Benchmark against your previous years performance (if you have surveyed with us before)
By accreditation
See how you compare to 1,2 or 3 star accredited organisations
Against the 100 Best
See how your organisation compares to the 100 Best Companies to Work For
Across all organisations
Compare scores for each factor and statement vs all the organisations we measure
By top level
Choose an extra accreditation of list benchmark (e.g. 3 star or top 50)
By sector
Compare your scores vs other organisations in your sector

Greater feedback

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Comment analysis
Understand what your employees are saying by viewing employee comment data segmented by factor and themes using machine learning technology
Employee comments
Rich qualitative data: a full transcript of employee comments from the survey
Percentage of positive, negative or neutral responses by statement
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