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"A way to celebrate those that are and inspire those that want to be"

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Celebrating the very best in workplace engagement

For over 20 years we have hosted a live annual event in London - the Best Companies to Work For Awards Dinner giving companies an opportunity to get together and celebrate as the very Best Companies to Work For.

Unable to host our physical event, 2021 saw the introduction of our digital platform - Best Companies Live. We held an all inclusive, web based day of insight and celebration live streamed from Media City in Manchester which attracted an audience of over 55,000 people to see over 450 organisations get recognised in over 40 regional, sectoral and national lists!

Best Companies Awards Dinner 2020
Behind the scenes of Best Companies Live 2021

Bringing the engagement community together

By introducing a digital platform, opportunities opened up to increase the scope, the value and the experience.

Without seats in a room, everybody with a browser can attend - with multiple digital channels we can recognise not just nationally but regionally and by sector to provide a new level of personal accomplishment and with a core belief that a delightful experience is the least you should expect from Best Companies, the platform is being constantly evolved to take full advantage of the virtual world.

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The Future - League Tables

With a strong digital and physical offering, the future of Best Companies will include the best of both worlds, and we're taking the recognition model to a new level. 2022 will see the introduction of Best Companies League Tables, a fresh, rich new way to look at recognition.

Four quarterly league table revelations will give companies the flexibility and control to celebrate when and how works for them.

Our digital platform will be present throughout the year providing insight and updates on league positions with the loved Awards Dinner held in London marking the end of a cycle and a chance to celebrate the conclusive annual list in style.

The Future of Best Companies - League Tables
Best Companies Live website screen shots

The Digital Platform is our unique digital platform.

With in house development, nothing is off limits with regards to it's future & potential as we look to continue development of the platform to take advantage of developing technologies & give clients an experience like no other.

Featuring a live streaming stage & on demand video's, reception section, chat system, networking hub & much more, the already feature rich site is an exciting prospect to become a go-to site for a huge amount of people looking for engagement inspiration.

The ambitious ongoing development of the platform primarily via the web, but also in the mobile space, emerging VR & rich set-top environments offers an exciting prospect for coming up with what the future of collaboration will look like. Currently the platform takes advantage of the Microsoft serverless cloud technologies & supports a strong focus on scale, speed & user experience.

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An exciting product already, but so much more to come!

With so much in place it's hard to believe that Best Companies Live only premiered earlier this year ... but we've got mighty ambitions for the product. The introduction of the League Tables ramps up exposure and opportunity and although great, there are so many ways in which we can improve and grow on what has been done so far, from content to production to the hosting platform itself.

Best Companies Live is a product that signifies the start of a very exciting next step for Best Companies.

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We're looking for awesome people...

...and we believe that awesome people exhibit these values.

Our Core principles describe ‘how we do things round here.’ They are about being. They describe the ways in which we need to behave so we can deliver on our primary purpose and outrageous ambitions, and support our colleagues to also ‘be’ this way, day to day.

Who are Best Companies?
Why else might you be interested in Best Companies?
Best Companies Live website screen shots
"Time flies in Best Companies as it's easy to get consumed by the opportunities. The projects that I get involved with are varied, interesting and the autonomy that I am entrusted with allows me to be creative and really make a difference at a pace that is absolutely thrilling. For somebody with a curious mind and a healthy hunger for making things, it's making a living out of doing what you love!"
Alan, Innovation
Best Companies Live website screen shots
"Working at Best Companies right now is like being part of an exciting tech start up, with all the security of a well-established, trusted market leader. The Growth & Marketing team is on a journey as we revolutionise our offering – I love this as every day offers a new challenge and new opportunity to hit targets! It’s a great time to be creative, push boundaries, and engage with the organisations who are as passionate about engagement as we are!"
Sophie, Growth & Marketing
Best Companies Live website screen shots
"What I love about working at Best Companies is that every product team is encouraged to think outside the box without any limitations to deliver world class user experiences. If you are obsessed with delighting users through digital products, Best Companies is an awesome place to work"
Julio, Product Development

Available Roles

We're very keen to fill some specific roles shown below, but are also keen to chat to anybody that thinks they can bring something special to the product. Get in touch below...

Person writing code on a laptop


Best Companies Live is broadcast virtually to tens of thousands of people - and it's only getting bigger. The fast paced continual development of a digital platform covering both web and mobile platforms requires developers that are fanatical about delivering something that energizes and delights its users. If you love to create amazing tech products and are somebody that can get things done across all aspects of development - this team is for you.

Video Cameras on BC Live set


There is an art in relaying important massages using images and video. Something visual can make the complicated make sense - and can enhance content taking it from good to fantastic. Best Companies Live relies on world class video production and effects to allow it to stand above other productions with regards to production value. If you love video, imagery and perfecting the visual delivery of rich insight - this could be for you.

Creative person thinking about content

Content Creators

World class events are only as good as the content that they share. Best Companies Live has access to some of the richest data and insight available in the workplace today. If you're somebody that can bring this data to life in a way that informs, entertains and keeps an audience hooked - Best Companies Live is the product that keeps on giving. With an ever fresh stream of material, create content that can make a real difference in the working world.

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If you can relate and you believe you can help make Best Companies Live something spectacular, we're very keen to have a chat.

This could be the start of something exciting!

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