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How to improve employee engagement within your organisation

When choosing an engagement partner, experience is key to understanding the ‘what, why and how’ that will lead to improvement within your organisation.

With over 20 years of experience, we have developed unique products that have been tested on millions of UK employees that are continually reviewed to ensure they are a robust way to measure workplace engagement and provide you with a clear understanding of how your employees feel.

Our b-Heard survey, developed alongside academics at the University of Plymouth and the Department of Trade and Industry is what makes us unique. Based on a rigorous methodology that is proven to ask the right questions to get the most valuable answers, it’s been tested on millions of employees across the UK and has provided the starting point for some of the most successful engagement journeys. As we offer you the ability to survey as many times as you like in a 12-month period, the b-Heard survey is the perfect way to monitor your improvement over time.

By combining our one-of-a-kind products with our wealth of specialist knowledge, we can bring engagement to life with our range of face-to-face, interactive and practical workshops, designed to support you and your team to understand, embrace and enjoy the experience of making improvement happen.

Our Improvement Products

Our b-Heard survey has been designed to truly understand what employees think about their working lives. Not only does it identify how your employees are really feeling, but it gives you a continuous opportunity to monitor your progress thanks to unlimited surveying in a 12-month period.
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Our Engagement Workshops and Engagement Improvement Programmes bring your data to life – inviting interaction, collaboration and discussion and getting attendees truly immersed in what they can do to make meaningful change happen.
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If you want an accurate reflection of how your employees feel across departments, teams, and job grades in your company, then understanding the key themes and patterns in your survey data will provide you with the knowledge to help you unlock your organisation's engagement potential.

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Earning a Best Companies accreditation tells your clients, partners, investors, and employees that your organisation understands the importance of workplace engagement and genuinely values its people.

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