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Analysing data is a science. Making it meaningful and memorable is an artform.

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Imagine not only telling your employees what great engagement looks like, but inviting them to truly understand the visions and values that it takes to get there.

Our Engagement Workshops and Engagement Improvement Programmes bring your data to life – inviting interaction, collaboration and discussion and getting attendees truly immersed in what they can do to make meaningful change happen.

Delivered by an independent specialist with over 20 years of experience, we’ll help you to disseminate information, create ambassadors for engagement, and teach you and your team how to create a culture of acceptance and a willingness to improve.

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Our workshops

Give your organisation the power to significantly improve engagement levels with our range of workshops:

1. Delivering Organisational Clarity

Put your ‘Primary Purpose’ at the heart of your organisation by taking a closer look at your ‘Core Principles’, ‘Outrageous Ambition’ and ‘Ingenious Plan’ to truly guide and shape your engagement journey. This workshop helps to establish the employees’ role throughout the journey.

2. Supporting Managerial Development

Using our powerful MC³ methodology, focus on the ‘what, the why and how’ of great engagement. Explore key engagement insights and discover best practice examples for becoming a better manager.

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“The workshops allowed managers to come together and talk openly about their challenges, but also share best practice; sometimes knowing you are not alone and having the same challenges as everyone else is reassuring, it can act as a catalyst for change.”

Alex Sturge, Head of Communications, Engagement and Learning & Development - UK Power Networks

Workshop overview

Start your day with refreshments on arrival before settling into thought provoking video content. Take part in live interactive voting to truly understand the thoughts and feelings of colleagues in the room, before taking concepts one step further by breaking out into teams for more in depth discussions.

Break for lunch before exploring models and best practice that bring behaviours to life and help to create those light bulb moments. We’ll capture your day in an actionable feedback report so you can continue making improvements after you return to the workplace.

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Benefits of Engagement Workshops

  • Live interactive feedback
  • Facilitated collaborative breakout sessions
  • Thought provoking video content
  • Actionable feedback report
  • Takeaway workshop materials
  • Full Best Companies project management
  • Delivered by an experienced, independent specialist

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