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Comments analysis telling the story of employee engagement - Workplace Insight Pro

Best Companies uses sentiment to employee engagement insights

When engagement survey results are returned, there’s a lot to go through. Analysis can give your managers and HR teams the insight into employee engagement levels to make improvement, and employee comments make up a big part of this.

Comments are a major asset to improvement, as they (quite literally!) tell you what’s good and bad for employee engagement in the business, directly from your employees. However, it can be hugely time-consuming to go through each comment, and figure out what the major trends are: this is where comment analysis comes in.

In Workplace Insight Pro, your employee comments can now be arranged by factor and trend using machine learning technology. Your comment analysis will clearly show how the comments separate into these categories, and in turn shed more light on areas for improvement. Whether the comment refers to leadership or personal growth, organisation clarity or pay, your analysis reveals the prominent themes that engage and disengage your employees

Comment analysis is available to all organisations using Workplace Insight Pro. To find out more, click here or contact us.

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