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Flexible surveying and a Best Companies' accreditation from as little as 24 statements…

What should an engagement survey include?

Ultimately it depends what you want to achieve. Are you trying to get a quick dip-check on employee engagement levels, or are you looking for comprehensive feedback from your employees?

When it comes to what to include, it’s important to strike a balance. You may feel there are obvious elements within your organisation to focus on, such as management or wellbeing, but employee engagement covers a variety of areas.

Best Companies Employee Engagement Survey - The 8 Factors of Workplace Engagement

The 8 Factors of Workplace Engagement

How does Best Companies achieve this?

Our 8 factor methodology provides comprehensive insight that enables you to understand employee sentiment within all areas, providing the greatest opportunity to take action on improving your employee engagement levels.

Our 20 years of engagement surveying has allowed us to evolve our methodology, offering actionable insight whilst making surveys quick and easy for employees to complete. Our latest evolution means we have created a set of 24 core statements that give an overarching understanding of employee engagement levels.

Click here to see a breakdown of these core statements.

What if we want additional insight?

We know how important it is to be flexible when surveying for different levels of feedback, so we have made it easy to create your own tailored engagement survey to suit your organisation’s needs. In addition to the 24 core statements, we have a bank of over 120 verified statements that you can opt to include, helping to support greater insight into the areas you feel require more focus.

You can also add your own bespoke statements to your survey, picking up on areas that specifically matter to your organisation.

What’s more, any organisation using the 24 core statements will be eligible for a Best Companies accreditation – a fantastic way to showcase your engagement!

How often should we survey our people?

We would recommend one comprehensive engagement survey each year, with quarterly pulse surveys to check how your improvement efforts are coming along. With Best Companies, you can survey as many times as you like in the 12-months following your registration.

To get started on your employee engagement survey, click here. To find out more information, please contact us.

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