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Mental Health Report – What are engaged organisations doing to help?

The importance of mental health in the workplace - free report.  

After such a challenging year, it's no wonder Mental Health is at the top of most agendas. At Best Companies we understand that our quality of life is impacted by the thoughts and feelings we experience on a daily basis and how organisations play a significant part in the Mental Health wellbeing of their employees. To be an employer of choice, organisations not only need to offer support to those who are in need, but have preventative measures in place to ensure potential stress and mental wellbeing problems don’t escalate to ensure employee engagement. In outstanding wellbeing strategies, mental health is not only a nice-to-have but an essential element to creating a sustainable, engaged and productive workforce.

At the time of publication, mental health is perhaps more crucial now than ever before as the world continues to adapt to COVID-19. A subject that was growing in terms of awareness and instilling new initiatives into workplaces, employers can find it difficult to know what to do about mental health and how best to support their employees.

With this in mind, we’ve published our free mental health report to assess what advice is currently available to employers, establish what the mental health trends are in engaged organisations and take a look at the success stories of those businesses with strong mental health practice who have excelled with employee engagement, specifically the Wellbeing factor of our workplace engagement model.

You can access a copy of the Mental Health report from Best Companies here.

Report includes information regarding:
- Mental Heath and Covid 19
- Workplace Mental Health
- Mental Heath trends in engaged organisations
- How the most engaged organisations are tackling mental health

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