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If you want to show your employees that their opinions, thoughts and feedback are listened to, then you will want to demonstrate that you are taking action to make change happen.

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Our Data Insight session offers your organisation the benefit of an impartial third party to not only interpret and present the outputs of your b-Heard survey, but also to give a strategic focus on areas for improvement over the next 6-12 months.

By offering a succinct overview of both your quantitative and qualitative data, a Data Insight session can start meaningful conversations that can elevate your organisation to the next level or provide the essential first step on the journey to improvement.

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What happens?

As an independent specialist we deliver the insights to those that need
to hear them most. We take you through our methodology and how it
applies, as well as looking at your data factor by factor.

After reflecting on what your organisation is doing well, as well as looking
at where improvements need to be made, a Data Insight session looks at how different employment groups within your business are feeling. Finally, a two-way discussion allows for feedback and thoughts.

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“We are always looking for ways to improve as a business, and the Best Companies survey has highlighted a number of key areas we are developing internally to help maintain our position as one of the best companies to work in the UK! We’re looking forward to introducing some of these changes over the coming months for our people”.

Cheryl Holden, Director of People & Culture - Searchability

Benefits of a Data Insight Session

  • Direct to leadership level
  • Includes S.W.O.T. report and executive summary
  • Actionable insight on all areas of your organisation
  • Collaborative with opportunity for discussion

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