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The Best Companies ‘Special Award’ for Giving Something Back is given to one organisation in each size category annually to recognise an innovative approach in supporting charities and their local communities, or their efforts to mitigate their impact on the environment.

We shortlist for the award using the information you provide us about your people and culture in your cultural insights when you undertake a survey. We ask questions relating to the initiatives or policies in place that relate to ‘Giving Something Back’, which allows us to identify those showing a genuine commitment to the process and demonstrating outstanding practice.

Shortlisted companies’ answers are anonymised and reviewed by an independent judging panel, who select the winning organisation in each category.

Winners are then revealed during an annual ceremony each November, in conjunction with the publication of the final League Table of the Best Companies to Work For each year.

The 2021 Winners

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Giving Something Back
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Giving Something Back
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Giving Something Back
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The 2021 winners in focus...

The most recent recipients of the Giving Something Back award all shared a common belief: that doing the right thing matters.

In the small category, winners DTSQUARED showed a true sense of community spirit when it joined forced with Splash Projects, an initiative that links up organisations looking for a team building projects with local causes in need of funding and labour. Thanks to the buy-in of a team of 30 of its employees, DTSQUARED helped transform an under-developed playground into a fun and safe space for children to play.

In the mid-sized category, winners La Fosse Associates puts its experience in recruitment to good use, helping underprivileged people gain the skills and training they need to make them employable through its support of several community schemes. It also helps other principal charities – making regular contributions to help orphaned and vulnerable children in Malawi, as well as donating old laptops and equipment to a company that promotes social and digital inclusion to those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The winner in the large category, COOK, stood out for establishing a ‘Kindness Fund’ to help those struggling during the pandemic through the provision of over 100,000 free meals and treats. The Fund will continue as a permanent initiative going forward, alongside the company’s other schemes, including ‘Raw Talent’, a programme that helps those facing barriers to employment by offering training and trial shifts.

In the big category, BT Consumer’s initiative, ‘Lockdown Learning Kids’ was set up to provided free, unlimited mobile data to disadvantaged families. Its employees worked tirelessly to ensure the scheme was operational and running smoothly in their bid to ensure that those in need had the means to access educational materials online. In addition, the organisation also provided free data to staff across the NHS, as well as supporting the National Emergencies Trust in its work keeping everyone connected during the pandemic.

Best Companies Giving Something Back Special Award Logo

In good company...

In 2020 Howdens scooped the award thanks to its sustainability practices in its manufacturing and logistics operations, not least in its approach to reducing carbon emissions, responsible sourcing, and waste reduction. It also stood out for its sponsorship of local charitable projects, as well as its release of employees to undertake voluntary roles with the ambulance and fire services in the local community.

The Giving Something Back Special Award has previously been awarded (2019) to telecoms giant, Vodafone, for its commitment to protecting the planet through its sustainability strategy, as well as its work around social responsibility delivered through the Vodafone Foundation. This supports and funds women’s refuges and victims of domestic abuse, as well as working in partnership with Imperial College London on cancer research initiatives.

Benefits of a Special Award...

Being awarded the Special Award for Giving Something Back shows that you not only care about your employees, but also the community and environment around them.

The extent to which employees feel their organisation has a positive impact on society is one of the eight key factors of engagement – meaning that going the extra mile in this area can have a positive impact on job satisfaction and retention.

It’s a unique opportunity to gain recognition as a responsible employer, as well as an accolade that can help you stand out against the competition. As a winner in your size category, you’ll receive marketing and publicity from Best Companies, as well as the opportunity to discuss your achievement during one of our live events.

The Importance of Giving Something Back

The winners of the 2021 Giving Something Back Special Award were invited to discuss the initiatives that earned them the accolade during the first ever edition of Best Companies Live. Click to watch the video of the highlights:

Recent Winners

Some recent Special Award winners include...

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