The Best Companies to Work For in the Midlands 2020

The list of the Best Companies to Work For in Midlands represents the 75 organisations with the highest Regional Best Companies Index (RBCI) scores. The list is also published in partnership with Insider Media here.

What is RBCI?

RBCI is the most rigorous way of measuring engagement. Using the Best Companies b-Heard Survey, employees are asked to score 70 questions on a 7 point scale from ‘Strongly Disagree’ to ‘Strongly Agree’.

Organisations require 30 or more survey responses in a region to be eligible. The results are then calculated from the responses to 49 scoring questions aligned to the 8 Factors of Workplace Engagement. The final score is normalised for company size band and calculated out of 1000.

The Best Companies to Work For in the Midlands


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