Recognising great engagement

Our accreditation programme is the standard for workplace engagement.

Accreditation tells your clients, partners, investors and employees that your organisation understands the importance of workplace engagement and genuinely values its people.

Whether you want to attract and retain top talent, benchmark your organisation against the best or simply recognise and celebrate great workplace engagement, an accreditation from Best Companies can make it happen.





A 3 Star accreditation is our highest standard of workplace engagement, representing organisations that truly excel.

Awarded to organisations with a BCI score of 738 or higher, the 3 star accreditation reflects 'world class' levels of workplace engagement

A 2 Star accreditation is our second-highest standard of workplace engagement and represents organisations striving for the top.

Achieving a 2 Star accreditation takes a BCI score of at least 696.5, made possible only through an 'outstanding' commitment to workplace engagement.

A 1 Star accreditation from Best Companies is a significant achievement that shows an organisation is taking workplace engagement seriously.

Awarded to organisations with a BCI score of at least 659.5, the 1 Star accreditation signifies 'very good' levels of workplace engagement.

Ones to Watch

Ones to Watch is a special status awarded to organisations where workplace engagement shows promising signs for the future.

Achieving a Ones to Watch status takes a BCI score of at least 600 and reflects organisations with 'good' levels of workplace engagement.

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