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What is managerial engagement?

Powerful managerial engagement insights from Best Companies

When people are engaged they feel connected to each other and to the aims of the organisation they work for. They believe in a shared purpose and feel they play an important part in fulfilling it.

An engaged workforce is more motivated and productive because people take pride in what they are doing and have faith in those around them. This leads to better working relationships, greater collaboration and ultimately, a more successful organisation.

From our research we believe managerial engagement is how well managers show 4 behaviours that are key to maintaining an engaged and productive workforce.


The MC³ methodology

MC³ is a powerful managerial engagement framework for measuring and improving the way that you engage your team.

Within the b-Heard survey there are 19 scoring statements, which when applied to the management level of your organisational structure, measures managerial engagement.

How can MC³ help you become a better manager?

If your organisation has purchased MC³ as part of their b-Heard survey bundle, and you have 3 or more direct reports who complete the survey, you can access your MC³ scores and receive a personalised data pack. Your MC³ data pack will allow you to identify your strengths and see opportunities for improvement in the way you manage your team.

Our MC³ data cascading function enables you to optimise how data is used and applied by your people managers and is a way to support with ensuring that managerial insights are delivered and received in the best way.

Arranging 1-2-1 time between managers and their direct reports to talk them through their MC³ data using the portal or data pack helps to provide understanding and context in a supportive environment. Managerial engagement insights shouldn’t be used as a basis for an appraisal or disciplinary.

We recommend setting up a forum where managers in your organisation can easily access and share best practice around managerial engagement. An internal online forum such as SharePoint or Yammer could be used. Creating regular peer to peer groups where managers feel able to share experiences and problem-solve in a comfortable and safe environment will continue to aid developmental best practice.

Our Best Companies videos provide an introduction to the 4 key behaviours of MC³; Motivating, Considering, Conversing and Caring that great managers demonstrate.




For more information on managerial engagement insights and how MC³ can be utalised within your organisation, click here.

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