What are companies doing with regards to 'Fair Deal'

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Housing Associations



Curo has a menopause support group called ‘The Menopause Café’. Staff meet monthly over coffee to share experiences and provide feedback to the organisation on things that it could do to improve menopause-related accommodations. Curo also provides online resources and aims to get in experts to provide guidance on how to manage symptoms.

The organisation has adopted a spot salary model; it pays for the size of the role, not the person in it. Each role profile is evaluated by a panel and then external market data of average salaries is applied based on geographical location and sector-specific comparisons.

Curo’s managers are trained through its SHINE leadership programme to engage their managers in key ways to become future leaders within the business. This programme includes interactive sessions from keynote speakers, a series of masterclasses, peer support through action learning sets, seminars providing space for self-reflection, and action planning.

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Construction & Engineering

M. Lambe Construction

Honest feedback is encouraged both to and from the manager, with timely and caring feedback given in person the only allowable type. The organisation has also employed a permanent head of communications whose sole remit is to develop better organisational clarity around information sharing, both internally and externally.
To ensure each project is delivered successfully, all full-time staff and subcontractors must be fully committed to the critical areas of their operations - health and safety, quality, and environmental management – to an ‘exceptional level’. To motivate staff, the organisation rewards each team member that excels in these areas with a £100 quarterly bonus.
Over the last few year, M. Lambe Construction has donated over £100,000 to charities, including £60,000 to Tabor House and £20,000 to The Lighthouse Club. The organisation has also invested more than £30,000 into supporting people who have faced homelessness, and helped them to get stable work via Standing Tall.
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To ensure that all colleagues have clarity on the organisation’s mission, vision, strategy, and values, Mane’s leadership team provides an annual update during an end of year presentation, as well as monthly 'wash-ups' to keep team members in the loop on performance, progress and plans.
Mane reviews employee performance based on value driven career pathways. The organisation also offers colleagues the chance to attend an all-expenses paid trip abroad (recent destinations include Las Vegas and New York), which is achieved by hitting an agreed financial target. The trip serves as a huge motivator for high performance.
Mane is a member of The Recruitment Network (TRN) which provides managers with the opportunity to network amongst others in the industry who will be able to share experiences, insights, and other perspectives. TRN also has some useful content around management development and support which the organisation’s current and Future Leaders can access.
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Prospero Group

The Group energise our teams through its Social-Wellbeing committee. Initiatives such as in-office events, company-wide celebrations, and team day-outs help to foster camaraderie and excitement while providing opportunities for relaxation and team bonding.
One effective way Prospero Group rewards employees for their efforts is through goal achievement competitions. By achieving goals throughout the year, employees can win prizes either for themselves or, if it's a team goal, for the team/office. The Group also conducts summer and Christmas awards to recognise employees for their achievements over the year.
The organisation promotes employee growth and development through structured training, mentorship, cross-functional projects, performance feedback, leadership development, and recognition programs. These initiatives empower its workforce, enhance job satisfaction, and improve overall organisational performance.
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Softwire provides permanent health insurance which pays 75% of an employee’s salary (less state benefits) until normal retirement age in the event that they are unable to work for a prolonged period due to most forms of sickness or accident. All employees are automatically covered for this benefit without having to explicitly sign up.
The organisation celebrates employee achievements and contributions during the "Softwire Awards". Potential winners are nominated by colleagues, and four prizes of £500 are awarded to the people who had most embodied each of the company’s four values (Kindness, Trust, Fun, and Caring about what we do).
Softwire provides specific Line Manager Training to all employees who are starting in a management role. This training has a mixture of management and leadership theory, workshops around how to give and receive great feedback, discussion forums where employees can bring real-life scenarios, and resources to continue to learn how to develop those skills.
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Food & Drink

KP Snacks


KP Snacks demonstrates its commitment to fair treatment through financial support initiatives in collaboration with Grocery Aid, offering financial grants and a one-off cost of living payment to colleagues earning £35,000 or less per annum.

KP Snacks' leadership ensures transparency and clarity through regular updates on the KP4ME portal and on-site townhall meetings. They promote organisational values and provide strategic direction, enhancing employee engagement.

KP Snacks' 'Community Heroes' initiative encourages employees to support local community projects. Additionally, the company's sustainable strategy, 'People & Planet', highlights its commitment to environmental responsibility.

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Leisure & Hospitality

Lovat Parks


Lovat Parks maintains a hands-on approach with its leadership frequently visiting parks and central offices. The company encourages openness and accessibility, enabling employees to comfortably share their thoughts, concerns, and suggestions. The management also ensures regular one-to-ones and reviews to focus on employee strengths.

Lovat Parks offers interest-free pay advances to all team members, with flexible repayment options. The company is a real living wage employer and offers all team members a 50% discount on any holiday booked on one of their parks.

The company's commitment to wellbeing is notable, with a structured plan focusing on workplace, financial, social, and mental wellbeing. Lovat Parks also offers an Employee Assistance Programme, mental health awareness training, and a Mental Health First Aider programme.

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Housing Associations

Thames Reach

Thames Reach champions a wellbeing programme. It is continued at the annual staff conference, when there are sessions on self-care, tai chi, aromatherapy and emotional resilience. Last year's conference was particularly welcome, as it was the first time staff had got together since the beginning of the pandemic.
While many within the homelessness sector have left the National Joint Council pay scheme because of its comparatively higher pay rates for front-line staff, Thames Reach remains on the scheme. It conducted a pay review to make sure its rates were competitive, leading to some staff being given a pay rise.
The charity has an equality, diversity and inclusion group, which has representatives from every project. The group reviews incidents and reports about staff and clients. it has an open and informal feel that engenders discussions about issues affecting staff on the front line, such as racist and homophobic abuse from clients.
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Siddall and Hilton


Siddall & Hilton's dedicated work committee, representative of various business areas, coordinates seasonal social activities. This not only enriches the workplace culture but also fosters team spirit and camaraderie.

Siddall & Hilton's fair treatment of employees is reflected in its quarterly profit-related bonus scheme. It has also increased pay overall by 23% over the last two years, demonstrating its commitment to employee welfare amid the cost of living crisis.

Siddall & Hilton prioritises mental health, with initiatives such as the Menopause Café and the 'Listening Ears' team. It also provides a fully funded financial coaching service, further supporting their employees' wellbeing.

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Business Services



Oryx Align supports personal growth by providing a variety of training courses through Udemy licenses and internal training sessions. The company's focus on individual development plans and the promotion of internal talent underscores its commitment to growth.

In addition to private healthcare and pension contributions, Oryx Align supports its employees through financial contributions to help with energy bills. This commitment to fair treatment extends to free financial advice through its partnership with Schroders.

Oryx Align's leadership team ensures transparency and alignment through regular company update meetings, led by the CEO. The company's values are reinforced through a 'Living our Values' award at the annual awards ceremony.

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