What are companies doing with regards to 'Leadership'

What affect will focus on the 'Leadership' factor have?

Leadership - How employees feel about the head of the organisation, senior management and the organisation's values and principles

Leadership has the biggest influence on how employees feel about the organisation.

Leaders need to create inspiring visions and provide clear direction to positively Impact the
My Company factor.

When it comes to
Wellbeing, no amount of free fruit or stress busting classes are going to address an imbalance. Employee Wellbeing is a by-product of the leadership and management culture.

If there’s pressure at the top of your organisation, it won’t take long to be felt throughout.

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Mansfield Building Society

A colleague development plan for each member of staff ensures annual training and development takes place. Managers run monthly one-to-one meetings with employees and discuss their development. An internal mentoring programme is also being introduced.
Results of staff surveys are shared with colleagues via the organisations intranet. The society's colleague forum reviews the results and has input into the action plan, which is shared with all employees.
Chief executive Paul Wheeler provides a fortnightly update on business and key messages in a YouTube video. An annual update is provided on the corporate strategy. Each of the executive team is an ambassador for the company values.
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Staff are encouraged to take screen breaks, especially when working from home. Training is provided on proper rest breaks. Employees are advised not to have work apps on their personal phones to avoid overworking and are discouraged from working overtime and at weekends.
There is access to an employee assistance programme and mental health first aid training for all managers and others. The company focuses on men's mental health during Movember, and staff have access to platforms that give gym and spa discounts. Free face-to-face counselling is offered through TOPdesk's health care plan.
The company believes in the accessibility of its leadership. It has a flat hierarchy with an open-door policy and an ethos of leaders who serve. Leaders adhere to the agile-working methodology and minutes of management meetings are published.
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ACT Training

Leaders at ACT have been proactive in communicating and engaging with staff over the past 18 months. Weekly communications range from company updates, news, charity reports and feel-good stories, celebrating what staff have been up to at work and within their communities. Leaders also consult staff on big developments and plans for delivering new programmes.
The company aims to gain an Investors in Diversity accreditation with the National Centre for Diversity. It has formed an advisory group to ensure that the voices of staff among the business's diverse community are heard. An action plan has been developed to make sure the organisation meets the criteria for the award.
In response to staff survey data, ACT has continued its mission to become a more environmentally responsible business. It has installed two more electric vehicle charge points at its head office, taking the number on site to four. They are well used and are free, to encourage staff to change to greener transport.
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Association for Project Management

Regular mindfulness sessions offer valuable techniques on how to cope during challenging times. A mental health/wellbeing policy has been written and provides information on all aspects of mental wellbeing, including how and where to get support or find resources.
Staff asked for more visibility about the leadership team's activities. Now, regular focus sessions with leaders are being conducted, during which information is shared and questions answered. They are proving popular.
The association's Making Room to Grow days, which run twice a year, are popular with staff and provide an opportunity for everyone to come together and learn through interactive team-building activities. Another popular initiative is the Knowledge Share Calendar which offers access to a range of topics through interactive hour-long sessions.
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Barbon Insurance Group

There is a non-hierarchical approach in the organisation which allows everyone to be heard and recognised. All managers and the senior team are visible and accessible. Offices are used only for meetings, and managers, including senior ones, sit among their teams.
The We Care programme offers 24-hour access to a private GP for employees and close family and household members, a second medical opinion, smoking-cessation sessions, mental health support, including up to 10 counselling appointments, life-events counselling and burnout prevention.
Whilst the pandemic meant fund-raising through challenges and events for the chosen charity, St Barnabas Hospice in Lincoln, was suspended until 2022, the group made monthly donations of hundreds of essential items to food banks at each of its locations throughout 2021, which is continuing this year.
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BDB Pitmans

A health and wellbeing fortnight each January aims to increase staff understanding of aspects of health and wellbeing, as well as identify what they can do to boost their own health. Events over the two weeks include training on mindfulness, exercise, sleep and nutrition. A Mental Health Awareness week also takes place in May.
Five business impact groups operate within the firm. Their mission is to raise awareness of particular issues. They are Shine, the firm's multicultural network, Best Self, its LGBTQ+ group, Breaking Even, which focuses on gender equity, Mind and Body, centred on mental health and disability and Balance, for working parents and carers.
Two new programmes are being launched this year: Building Better Managers and Building Better Leaders. The management training will provide participants with the skills to motivate and energise their teams. The leadership scheme is open to those who already have experience and will develop their abilities to inspire people to perform better.
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CAE Technology Services

CAE supports many charitable initiatives, such as food collections for its local foodbank and hosting fundraisers such as ‘Wear a Hat Day’, which this year saw the organisation raise a total of £1,255. Having partnered with the Princes Trust, employees have participated in numerous challenges to raise awareness and funds for the charity.
The Senior Leadership Team holds ‘drop-in’ sessions with employees, as well as engaging with employees though regular Q&A and feedback sessions to address any concerns. Each week, teams can look forward to The Monday Morning Mail (MMM), a company-wide email from the CEO updating staff on the previous week and week ahead.
This year CAE introduced flexible working arrangements that enabled employees to work two days from home to help them achieve a good work/life balance. The company also invested in Headspace, a meditation app accessible to all employees, as well as hosting monthly wellness sessions to share wellbeing tips and offer support.
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Chartered Management Institute

CMI has moved away from documentation to conversation. Regular meetings have been put in place for managers and direct reports to discuss objectives, what is going well and what support is needed. All senior managers are studying for the CMI level seven coaching and mentoring qualification.
In 2021, CMI introduced a paid day for all colleagues to give back to the community through voluntary work, as well as supporting those who do additional volunteering throughout the year with flexible working. The organisation continues to encourage recycling across the business and sends zero waste to landfill.
Chief Executive, Ann Francke, holds weekly sessions with all colleagues, providing business updates, shoutouts to good performers and Q&As. Also, she has introduced “Coffee and a chat with Ann”, where five or six colleagues from across CMI get together virtually for 30 minutes.
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Fitzrovia IT

The 'Vitality at Work' programme gives staff access to health benefits, including an annual health check, online doctors' appointments, discounts on health screenings and gym memberships, plus much more. The company has also joined SupportRoom, an online chat therapy system.
Senior leaders and managers demonstrate their passion through their work, by praising their team when it's warranted and passing on good feedback from clients. They come into the office to encourage staff to do so, too, and communicate with employees to ensure any problems are dealt with and good relationships are maintained internally and externally.
Staff collaborate on creating a career progression plan, which outlines the targets and objectives they need to achieve in order to receive their next promotion or pay rise. It includes looking at the necessary training and qualifications, which are paid for by Fitzrovia.
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There are weekly safety updates on a variety of topics, and mental health and wellbeing often feature. Tips to improve wellbeing, whether through exercise, understanding the importance of nutrition and hydration or better sleep habits, are included.
At weekly team meetings, leaders make sure there is time to recognise and acknowledge nominations for staff who champion the company's values and that those values remain at the top of people's agendas. In their own work they strive to demonstrate the values daily and model the behaviour expected of all staff.
The company offers an apprenticeship scheme and some of the earliest participants are now involved in the business at management level. Newer apprentices are keen spokespeople for the company at careers events. Fundamentals is also an enterprise partner of the Institution of Engineering and Technology and supports employees towards professional membership, financially and practically.
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