What are companies doing with regards to 'Leadership'

What affect will focus on the 'Leadership' factor have?

Leadership - How employees feel about the head of the organisation, senior management and the organisation's values and principles

Leadership has the biggest influence on how employees feel about the organisation.

Leaders need to create inspiring visions and provide clear direction to positively Impact the
My Company factor.

When it comes to
Wellbeing, no amount of free fruit or stress busting classes are going to address an imbalance. Employee Wellbeing is a by-product of the leadership and management culture.

If there’s pressure at the top of your organisation, it won’t take long to be felt throughout.

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iQ Student Accommodation

A ‘Think Green’ campaign put a focus on the environment thanks to its aim of improving the energy efficiency of buildings through engagement programmes for both employees and student residents. The campaign included both e-learning and building technical programmes, as well as encouraging better recycling and simple tips for energy conservation.

Leaders consistently refer to iQ’s values through communication, live events, or business updates and play a key part in recognising when the values are being demonstrated. Recently, the Senior Management Team sponsored and supported the development and rollout of a behavioural framework aligned to the values, which is now being adopted across the business.

As well as an extensive catalogue of learning provided via our LMS, every team member has access to an unlimited number of funded Level 1, 2 and 3 qualifications in a range of subjects such as Mental Health, Customer Service and Fitness and Health. There are also talent programmes, apprenticeship schemes and a high-performance coaching programme.

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Lincolnshire Housing Partnership (LHP)

LHP aspires to be a net zero organisation and has developed an ESG strategy with a carbon plan that sets out how this can be achieved. This strategy weaves together key examples of the high-level actions it will take to move towards net Zero, which are already built into a range of key strategies.

The introduction of a weekly Executive Management Team (ELT) vlog is helping to raise the visibility of LHP’s senior team, which is supported by Spotlight (a monthly staff ezine) and a new, much-improved intranet (Basecamp), which offers a social media engagement tool and instant staff recognition module.

All managers have scheduled 1-2-1s with their own line manager and have designated times for catch-ups as groups – both formal and informal. Coaching is available through an external agency and a two-part Management Development Programme is in place for everyone with a line management responsibility. For senior managers, a separate, in-house programme has been developed.

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Space Architects (Europe)

With a set target to be a Zero Carbon business by 2023, Space Architects is committed to what it says is a challenging - but realistic - target. Alongside specific reductions in use in certain business areas, it will also incorporate tree planting and the use of photovoltaics on its building to achieve its goal.

Communication takes place throughout the week at the firm – from a Monday morning call with the CEO through to ‘Pizza Friday’ – where an hour-long overview of everything that has happened in the business during the week takes place. There is also ‘Thinking Thursday’, where a topic is discussed along with a learning activity.

The leadership team demonstrates the company’s valued in what they do every day – through their behaviours and the decisions they make. Leaders invite a culture of open communication where any issues are discussed and addressed, and they try to ensure all colleagues feel valued.

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Siddall and Hilton Products

A weekly newsletter update was established and circulated to all employees that were either furloughed or remained active in their roles to ensure key messages and information was delivered. The company encouraged open communication in line with company values, particularly in support of any mental health or wellbeing issues.

The company’s Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) was extended to support not only to staff members, but also their families. Personal, empathetic support was offered on a one-to-one basis with their line manager for any employees who were struggling, ill, or otherwise impacted by the pandemic.

The Senior Leadership Team (SLT) show a commitment to the company’s values by challenging when behaviours are not demonstrated, and by holding each other – and members of the workforce – to account. The SLT also ensures values are integrated into recruitment and development programmes, as well as performance reviews.

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Leaders used variety of methods, including Zoom calls, Q&A sessions and regular email circulars were used during the pandemic to keep employees informed on everything from sales and finance to wellness and more. Directors personally used these channels to connect with employees with daily music or comedy suggestions to boost morale.

A monthly profit-related bonus scheme sees employees rewarded for good company performance. Based on a simple scheme relating to a published scale of profitability, employees can receive a pre-determined bonus from 10% to 40% of their monthly salary. Every employee receives the same percentage bonus, making for a rewarding and motivational initiative.

To allow staff to look after their wellbeing, Cosatto encourages going for walks, taking breaks from the screen and regular 1-2-1 sessions. A free, independent counsellor for employees and their families is available, and a 2-hours-a-day ‘no meeting zone’ has been established where no Zoom calls or face-to-face interactions can be arranged.

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UK Coaching

The Senior Management Team have weekly meetings where leaders discuss, strategise, and plan ideas for implementation. This was especially useful during the pandemic, where leaders took account of staff feedback to ensure the organisation stayed connected and communicated key messages, objectives, and priorities to each team/department.Monthly company update meetings have also been implemented.

Managers attended the Association for Coaching’s ‘RecognisedLeader as Coach Course’ in May 2021, a three-day course as part of a people development project to further enhance coaching and feedback skills, to have a group experience, and to look at ways of working of the Professional CoachingBodies. Managers are also undergoing mental health awareness training.

To encourage staff to talk and support each other, the organisation’s ‘We Care’ channel was used to facilitate discussions to help those struggling or feeling alone. Email check-ins and advice on looking after wellbeing were sent out to employees, encouraging them to look after themselves with regular nudges and reminders.

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GA Pet Food Partners

To ensure that colleagues are respected and appreciated in all that they do, GA Pet Food Partners’ managers demonstrate their commitment to the company’s core values by acknowledging each and every role as vital in the organisation and ensuring colleagues feel valued for their work and contributions.

Despite a number of training sessions having to be cancelled due to the pandemic, many internal training sessions were moved online, so that managers and leaders could receive the vital skills and training to allow them to effectively manage and support their teams through difficult and challenging times.

Employees have access to a full-time Occupational HealthSpecialist, as well as a counsellor to support colleagues with their mental health.To reward hard work, as well as fulfil its commitment to enriching colleagues’ lives, GA organises team bonding events, such as an annual family fun day, sports teams, and days out.

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Instarmac Group

Instarmac’s leadership team were key in providing reassurance and support whilst boosting productivity during Covid-19. This was done through clear communications channels, addressing concerns quickly and holding regular one-to-one meetings with employees. Leaders regularly provided business performance and pandemic-related updates and facilitated access to well being and on-line support workshops.

To look after the wellbeing of its designated key workers, Instarmac rotated multi-skilled workers from higher-stress to lower-stress activities and implemented flexible schedules for workers who were directly impacted by the pandemic. Regular management check-ins with staff were encouraged, and fun team activities were organised for all staff.

When restrictions allowed, Instarmac allocated the free use of its holiday homes to local families who were bereaved or struggling with illness. In addition to a stay in either its Padstow, St Ives or Tenerife accommodation, the organisation gave a surprise cash donation (from £200 to£500) in order for the chosen families to create new memories.

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Millennium Support

One of the organisation’s strategic goals is to become paperless and processes and systems are continually improved to make this a reality. A Millie group dedicated to the environment helps share best practice in the areas of food waste and reducing plastics use. When employees successfully complete an in-house talent programme, a tree is planted in their name.

The Senior Leadership Team are role models for the organisation’s values. They are held to account by the ‘Millennium Voice Network’ – a group of 15 people representative of the organisation that meet regularly and set the agenda for challenging, questioning, and scrutinising decision making on behalf of all employees.

Recognising the importance of supporting its managers during the pandemic, a stress and wellness coach was introduced to help recognise signs of stress and burnout. Offering practical guidance, managers learnt methods to relax, refocus and refresh - all of which they could share with their teams. A dedicated news channel was also established for managerial support.

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Arcadis UK


The UK leadership team lead programmes covering age, gender, LGBT+, disability and faith to provide role models for behaviour both internally and externally. They share best practice with peer organisations through media engagement and conferences to encourage others to follow suit.

Internally-designed management and leadership courses are offered at all levels. Arcadis is an approved centre for the Chartered Management Institute and supports staff through MBA programmes. All staff have access to online training and managers are invited to one-to-one training sessions.

Arcadis supports mental and physical health as a priority, organising a 12-week physical exercise course with a personal trainer during lockdown and extending private medical insurance to include a Family Health helpline. The Babylon online GP service has been introduced so that doctors can be accessed without visiting a surgery.

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