What are companies doing with regards to 'My Manager'

What affect will focus on the 'My Manager' factor have?

My Manager - How employees feel about and communicate with their direct manager

The quality of direct line management really impacts engagement, after all the latest stats suggest that 7 out of 10 people leave their manager and not their organisation.

Great managers should be selling the direction and vision of the organisation, helping others see how their role impacts the bigger picture, ultimately influencing the factor
My Company. Good Managers recognise the importance of growing and developing their people, which means the My Manager factor also has a significant impact on the factor Personal Growth.

When it comes to
My Team, great managers build great teams, but world class managers also focus on connecting teams throughout the organisation. Managers can heavily influence the Wellbeing factor by helping to positively restore a work/life balance, managing employee workload and recognising that employees have a life outside of work

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Bible Society


Managers are encouraged to apply for a place on a bespoke development programme run in partnership with training experts, KnowledgeBrief, to gain a Diploma in Leadership and Management. Bosses help develop each other through manager groups which meet regularly to provide peer support and share good practice.

Inspired by the COP26 environment conference, staff were asked to think about ways they could make small changes in their area of the business. The Estates team found a better way to recycle food waste by using hot bins and soon 100% of food waste will be recycled as compost for the Society's onsite orchard.

This year Bible Society partnered up with Salmon Swimming, specialists in empowering companies to integrate values-driven culture and strategy. With representatives across a number of departments, a series of workshops were held to empower employees to be present and productive. Some colleagues were also offered 1:1 coaching and team development sessions.

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Logistics UK

The trained mental health first-aiders within the workforce are a valuable asset and were able to help colleagues during the uncertainties and stresses caused by the pandemic. The firm holds webinars for staff through its Employee Assistance Programme and they can receive advice on any personal matter.

Every quarter Logistics UK encourages team members to take the opportunity to nominate their peers in recognition of the things they have done that demonstrate the company's values: togetherness, dynamism, excellence, and reputation. There is a £500 prize in each category.

Throughout the year, the HR team has provided 15 online, bitesize courses for all the company’s managers aimed at helping them with their skills and development in adjusting to new ways of working. These include ‘Managing Remote Workers’ and ‘Absence and Wellbeing.’ The supportive courses have been received well by managers.

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Claremont Consulting

“The Power of the Small” was the theme of Claremont’s check-in sessions for employees during the Covid-19 lockdowns. The sessions were used to encourage employees to do a small, three-minute activity focusing on their mental health, with discussions then held during a dedicated ‘tea and talk’ meeting.

With an open-door policy, access to courses and qualifications and weekly calls and meetings, managers are well looked after at Claremont. The business has formed an alliance with Everymind at Work, with all managers having access to an app that offers support, motivation, and advice.

Team spirit is plentiful at Claremont, with regular social, charity and sporting events. Team success is encouraged thanks to quarterly meetings to recognise top billers, best performers, and all-around team players, all of whom receive an all-expenses-paid meal out at a swanky restaurant known as the ‘Claremont lunch club’.

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PDSA delivers its very own in-house CPD for its clinical teams, as part of its ongoing improvement and development programme. This content is delivered online by in-house experts, providing new learning opportunities for all. The organisation’s e-Learning platform is readily available to all staff and covers a range of topics including diversity and wellbeing.

The organisation’s ongoing leadership programme offers six months of training to aspiring managers and leaders, covering a range of practical and theoretical topics to help leaders better understand their teams and feel more equipped to lead them to success through the principles of Situational Leadership and the use of DiSC profiling.

PDSA’s wellbeing platform, Fetch, offers a range of resources around mental, physical, and financial wellbeing, whilst the organisation’s payroll partnership with Transave UK credit union has allowed employees to save monthly. Benefits such as a new health cash plan and annual flu jabs have also been introduced to help employee wellbeing.

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DJH Mitten Clarke

With a firm commitment to the communities around it, DJH Mitten Clarke runs many charitable initiatives, including food bank donations and shoe box, toy, and Easter egg appeals for the homeless, families in shelters, or those struggling. It also sponsors and supports its local sports teams.

Running a ‘Leadership and Management Academy’ is the organisation’s way of helping its managers reach their true potential. Designed as an informal learning programme, it helps attendees adapt their approach to lead and manage other people well. Supporting main programme is the one-to-one Reflective Mentoring Programme (RMP), where session content is decided by the individual.

Professional qualifications and dedicated study time set aside for their completion are a paid-for benefit available for all learners throughout the business. A one-to-one programme, known as TSD, helps identify development areas for everyone. These are then used for the implementation of career plans and to help employees learn and grow.

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Action Sustainability

Employees are contacted for regular wellbeing check-ins, are actively listened to, and have the assistance and support of Mental Health First Aiders within the organisation.

In order for employees to continue their own personal development and ensure they are learning and developing in a way that suits their role, Action Sustainability uses a competency framework to set out an individual career path for every role.

Managers are offered support in their roles through coaching and mentoring. There is also a peer sharing initiative for connecting with and talking to other managers in the organisation.

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MSC Industrial Supply

A dedicated Health and Wellbeing Manager ensures people are kept up to date with the latest resources in MSC’s employee portal, with information on health and wellbeing to keep individuals and their families well, along with access to private medical healthcare and personal counselling support.

All managers at MSC have the option to receive executive leadership coaching from an external development partner. There’s also a partnership with a Diversity and Inclusion organisation which sees all managers undergo an extensive training programme in this area. An internal intranet site houses extensive developmental reading material and tools to support managers.

MSC’s approach is about recognising team collaborative in an inclusive way. This means success is celebrated as a whole, with everyone’s contributions acknowledged. It regularly holds celebrations for a diverse range of events, including National Employee Appreciation Day, where all employees received a personalised chocolate gift to their home, thanking them for their contribution.

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Lincolnshire Housing Partnership (LHP)

LHP aspires to be a net zero organisation and has developed an ESG strategy with a carbon plan that sets out how this can be achieved. This strategy weaves together key examples of the high-level actions it will take to move towards net Zero, which are already built into a range of key strategies.

The introduction of a weekly Executive Management Team (ELT) vlog is helping to raise the visibility of LHP’s senior team, which is supported by Spotlight (a monthly staff ezine) and a new, much-improved intranet (Basecamp), which offers a social media engagement tool and instant staff recognition module.

All managers have scheduled 1-2-1s with their own line manager and have designated times for catch-ups as groups – both formal and informal. Coaching is available through an external agency and a two-part Management Development Programme is in place for everyone with a line management responsibility. For senior managers, a separate, in-house programme has been developed.

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Mercedes-Benz South West

Recognising the challenges facing the fundraising initiatives of charities during the pandemic, the organisation gave each of its sites a budget of £10,000 and invited staff to recommend local charities to benefit from a proportion of the funds. In total £50,000 was donated to charities across the South West of England.

An internal Future Leaders Programme has seen the organisation create its own bespoke management training programme, designed to identify, and develop, future managers. Offering a unique training package tailored to the individual, the programme teaches the essential skills required to be a successful manager and includes project work across the business.

Throughout the pandemic the organisation provided helpful tools on mental and physical wellbeing, managing mental health during coronavirus, adjusting to working from home, and maintaining a good work/life balance. It also ran a photo competition to encourage employees to get outside to take daily exercise and share pictures of their local area.

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GA Pet Food Partners

To ensure that colleagues are respected and appreciated in all that they do, GA Pet Food Partners’ managers demonstrate their commitment to the company’s core values by acknowledging each and every role as vital in the organisation and ensuring colleagues feel valued for their work and contributions.

Despite a number of training sessions having to be cancelled due to the pandemic, many internal training sessions were moved online, so that managers and leaders could receive the vital skills and training to allow them to effectively manage and support their teams through difficult and challenging times.

Employees have access to a full-time Occupational HealthSpecialist, as well as a counsellor to support colleagues with their mental health.To reward hard work, as well as fulfil its commitment to enriching colleagues’ lives, GA organises team bonding events, such as an annual family fun day, sports teams, and days out.

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