What are companies doing with regards to 'My Manager'

What affect will focus on the 'My Manager' factor have?

My Manager - How employees feel about and communicate with their direct manager

The quality of direct line management really impacts engagement, after all the latest stats suggest that 7 out of 10 people leave their manager and not their organisation.

Great managers should be selling the direction and vision of the organisation, helping others see how their role impacts the bigger picture, ultimately influencing the factor
My Company. Good Managers recognise the importance of growing and developing their people, which means the My Manager factor also has a significant impact on the factor Personal Growth.

When it comes to
My Team, great managers build great teams, but world class managers also focus on connecting teams throughout the organisation. Managers can heavily influence the Wellbeing factor by helping to positively restore a work/life balance, managing employee workload and recognising that employees have a life outside of work

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Accent Housing

Two-thirds of staff are women, but the association recognises the need for greater female representation in senior leadership roles to reflect the make-up of staff. At manager level, 59% of roles are held by women, but Accent Group is committed to ensuring there are progression pathways to make more senior leadership roles available to women.
The association has recently launched a new performance framework and provided training for all managers. Its people business partners have a specific customer base, which enables them to act as supportive critical friends with each manager within that. Part of this includes providing bespoke training for people-related processes.
In response to the financial burden the pandemic was placing on people across the country, Accent was instrumental in setting up the More Than Homes campaign. It seeks to raise £1m for the Trussell Trust, an organisation that supports the UK’s largest network of food banks. The campaign has become a sector-wide initiative.
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A pulse survey is sent to staff twice a week, asking them how they are, to gain an understanding of what is going well in the business and what isn't. The responses are addressed by chief executive David Rabson in his live monthly broadcasts, so staff can receive live feedback on their concerns.
A "continuous conversations" initiative promotes regular one-to-ones and ensures managers are having regular meetings with team members. The conversations are not just about work, but also about wellbeing and career development, to make sure staff needs are being fulfilled.
The learning and development team has been conducting webinars and running leadership development workshops, to equip Acora's leaders to have better quality conversations with their teams and keep them informed of business objectives.
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big group

To support a colleague who had been diagnosed with breast cancer, the company celebrated Wear it Pink day in October to raise awareness of the disease. She took on the role of patron for the day and £1,500 was raised. The company also supported the mental health charity Mind with a variety of events.
Managers were given mental health training last year, which has made them more aware of different illnesses and how to approach people who are struggling and need support. The aim was to make managers feel more confident and knowledgable on the topic and encourage open conversations throughout the business.
Apart from ensuring its new London office is sustainable, Big Group's other green initiatives include having staff who are taking the Chartered Institute of Marketing's course in sustainable marketing to develop their knowledge in the field.
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Feeling happy and comfortable at work is a priority for BrightHR — it listens to what people need and finds out how it can make them feel most comfortable when in the office. It provides screen stands, footrests, standing desks, and everyone gets a supportive desk chair.
Team members have been given more face-to-face time with their managers, after they asked for it in a staff survey. Based on feedback, the company also implemented more regular and relaxed meetings, as well as twice-yearly performance reviews, giving staff a space to discuss their experiences and ideas and build stronger relationships with managers.
Regular "lunch and learn" sessions mean teams can get together to share knowledge and boost team spirit and collaboration. They are also a valuable way of supporting professional development as mentoring from the senior team, including the chief executive, Alan Price, is on offer.
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CFC Underwriting

The company has just launched its 'Aspiring Managers' programme. It has been designed to provide participants with a view of what it takes to be an effective team leader and manager. The programme includes an introduction to management and covers situations that new team leaders are likely to encounter.
Last year the company launched its mental health and wellbeing programme and trained its first cohort of mental health first aiders. The initiative means they can support anyone experiencing problems and the organisation can create an open dialogue on issues that are perceived as having a stigma attached to them.
In the past year, the company has invested more time, money and resources in its 'CFC Together' and 'CFC for Good' charity programmes. Both are popular with staff and the company has increased its promotion of events and initiatives to encourage even more people to be involved in charitable work and volunteering.
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Chartered Management Institute

CMI has moved away from documentation to conversation. Regular meetings have been put in place for managers and direct reports to discuss objectives, what is going well and what support is needed. All senior managers are studying for the CMI level seven coaching and mentoring qualification.
In 2021, CMI introduced a paid day for all colleagues to give back to the community through voluntary work, as well as supporting those who do additional volunteering throughout the year with flexible working. The organisation continues to encourage recycling across the business and sends zero waste to landfill.
Chief Executive, Ann Francke, holds weekly sessions with all colleagues, providing business updates, shoutouts to good performers and Q&As. Also, she has introduced “Coffee and a chat with Ann”, where five or six colleagues from across CMI get together virtually for 30 minutes.
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Chess supports and promotes employee development through an initiative called “Learn to Earn”. This enables Chess people to increase their earning potential by achieving clearly defined learning milestones which include both role-required knowledge and soft skills such as customer service and team work.
Chess has 12 chosen charities upon which it focuses its charitable work each year. To bolster fundraising, the company's recognition scheme sees employees submit a 'praise' for a job well done or positive act. For every 'praise' that is given, the organisation donates £1 to one of its chosen charities.
With a passion to promote from within, Chess sends all employees moving into management roles on an internally-developed training course called 'Introduction to Leadership'. This sets out the company’s expectations of a leader, covering process and procedures, employee relation and coaching and mentoring. New managers also get extra annual leave allowance and mental health training.
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Consumer Intelligence

The company says it has done a great deal of work at a leadership level to promote the importance of openness and psychological safety in the relationship between employee and manager, so that managers can support and intervene as soon as possible.
Events run throughout the year with the aim of promoting physical and mental health, including taking part in the Virgin Pulse GO Challenge. Staff are counting their steps and working on adopting healthy habits. Alongside this, employees who are comfortable about doing so are invited to share their mental health stories and tips.
Volunteers from Consumer Intelligence spent a morning planting and mulching trees in a park, as part of Bristol City Council's One Tree Per Child scheme. It encourages volunteers to have a positive impact on the environment by planting and maintaining trees in schools, parks and open spaces.
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DCSL GuideSmiths

An anonymous suggestion box allows staff to voice their opinions freely, without having to talk to someone. The company receives feedback from it every two weeks. A survey on employee satisfaction revealed that staff were missing the social aspect of working in the office. The company responded by giving staff £30 to buy a webcam.
The company's Ella – 100 Days programme was developed for a customer, but DCSL liked it so much it decided to use it. It is a digital leadership development programme that provides the inspiration and practical tools needed to succeed in the first 100 days in a new management role.
DCSL's chosen charity is the Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice, in Farnham, Surrey, near the company's HQ. All of its charity events raise funds for the hospice, along with donations that are made for every Best Companies survey completed.
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Dougie Mac

The hospice has mental health first aiders and domestic abuse champions. Regular stress-awareness workshops take place, along with short sessions on calming the chattering mind. A health cash plan which provides counselling support, along with Indian head massages, acupuncture and other therapies, is available.
To ensure the organisation's values were understood during the merger, induction sessions took place and two of the senior leadership group and their teams moved to the children's hospice site to support the integration of the values. The values have been made more visual in coloured symbols on the walls at both sites.
Senior leaders promote staff development. Leaders were asked to leave a message on the organisation's virtual hall of fame to publicise learning initiatives and encourage others to take part. All of the senior team completed a collaborative working management programme with Staffordshire University. Further learning and development is agreed during their annual assessments.
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