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Housing Associations


On the Abri intranet, there is a ‘Your Wellbeing’ button which provides colleagues with access to external support for mental, physical, social and financial wellbeing. Wellbeing support at Abri includes an employee assistance programme, occupational health, mental health training, compassion fatigue training, and information on financial wellbeing and healthy lifestyles through our reward platform ROAR.
Abri’s 5-year Achieving Together strategy was refreshed twice last year. First, for its new corporate priority for EDI and second, for the move towards a new regional model. The strategy was published to colleagues, along with its supporting functional strategies. This provides a golden thread between Abri’s goals and the work of its 2,000 colleagues.
Abri launched Housing Professional of the Future, a self-lead programme taking colleagues through a wide range of topics, such as understanding customers, housing policy, and managing a housing association. Colleagues have the opportunity to attend masterclasses by sector experts, sharing their knowledge and experience and giving them practical skills to deal with everyday challenges.
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Brunel Group

Brunel Group offers funding for work related courses, such as Chartered Institute of Insurance, Public Relations or Marketing. The company also encourage attendance at any CPD events relevant to the role allowing time off where required for these and offer a free online development zone for all employees via AVIVA.
The Group host three company-wide parties a year bringing colleagues together. Its annual ‘Company Day’ is the main event at which its senior managers provide an all-round overview of the business’ successes over the past year, areas of improvement and what our goals and objectives are for the coming year.
Every team member has access to the Employee Assistance Programme which enables colleagues to reach out for support regarding their financial, physical and mental wellbeing. The business has also funded the training of our Mental Health First Aiders with more staff being put forward for this.
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Architect & Surveyor


The annual office study trips to places such as Lyon, London Dock, and Wapping are a testament to the firm's focus on team-building. These trips allow teams to learn about best-practice architecture, fostering team spirit and a sense of belonging.
Through initiatives like the Building Futures programme and school outreach programmes, JTP gives back to society by offering work experience, learning, and career opportunities. The firm's focus on nature-led design also shows a commitment to environmental wellbeing.
JTP offers ample opportunities for personal growth, with initiatives like weekly design reviews and fortnightly professional training groups. These initiatives not only utilise the skills of the employees but also offer a platform for learning and development.
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London & Partners

London and Partners holds quarterly Senior Leadership away days in order to review, evaluate, and map organisational priorities through the year. The individual SLT members are then equipped to communicate key messages to their teams. The organisation also holds monthly All Staff meetings as another channel to communicate with employees directly.

The organisations Living Well, Working Well ethos actively promotes home and remote working. Communicating well with colleagues is key to its success. There are 13 different channels of communication, from face to face through Yammer as well as traditional phone/e-mail channels.

London & Partners state their vision, mission and strategy in all of their core documents and reinforce them regularly.

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Prospero Group

The Group energise our teams through its Social-Wellbeing committee. Initiatives such as in-office events, company-wide celebrations, and team day-outs help to foster camaraderie and excitement while providing opportunities for relaxation and team bonding.
One effective way Prospero Group rewards employees for their efforts is through goal achievement competitions. By achieving goals throughout the year, employees can win prizes either for themselves or, if it's a team goal, for the team/office. The Group also conducts summer and Christmas awards to recognise employees for their achievements over the year.
The organisation promotes employee growth and development through structured training, mentorship, cross-functional projects, performance feedback, leadership development, and recognition programs. These initiatives empower its workforce, enhance job satisfaction, and improve overall organisational performance.
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VoucherCodes offers a variety of learning and development opportunities for employees, such as DE&I management training and a mentoring scheme. They also encourage personal development time, allowing employees to utilise their skills and advance their careers.
Managers at VoucherCodes are supportive and caring, ensuring their teams feel valued and heard. They actively engage with the employee suggestion box, addressing suggestions and fostering an environment of trust and transparency.
VoucherCodes encourages team spirit and belonging through inclusive social events and team competitions. The weekly trivia quizzes and charity-driven step challenges ensure a fun and collaborative atmosphere within the team.
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Sedulo Group

To foster strong relationships between employees, each December the organisation takes all its staff on an all-expenses paid weekend away with recent locations being Marbella, Estepona and Benidorm. This provides the opportunity for all team members across the four offices to socialise, celebrate the years successes and bond with one another.
Sedulo Group supports employee developed through its annual leadership programme, "Sedulo Accelerator Scheme". This programme consists of full day training sessions run by an external trainer, access to external and internal mentors, and business change projects which challenge and equip team members with the skills they need to progress in their careers.
In 2023, the organisation established its Sedulo Foundation as the result of years of working with local communities to alleviate the devastating effect of poverty on children and young people across London and the north of England. The Sedulo Foundation focuses on 3 main campaigns: Toy Appeal, Period Poverty, and its Back to School campaign.
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Housing Associations

Wales & West Housing

Each Director is responsible for ensuring that the employee experience in their area is consistent with the organisational values - they meet regularly with all staff, not just their own direct reports, to ensure that employees understand the Group’s organisation’s culture as well as having the chance to have their voices heard.
Wales & West Housing’s graduate programme offers fixed term positions combining genuine experience in the role alongside appropriate study and support. It also offers a number of Trade Apprenticeships with Cambria, learning through experience of repairs and upgrades on homes including electrical works, gas and plumbing works and multi skilled repairs.
The organisation supported over 50 community groups and projects in 2023. In North Wales it supported Rhyl Foodbank, in West Wales, Cardigan and Pembrokeshire Foodbank received funding to support their work in the community. In Mid Wales, Welshpool and District Foodbank received financial assistance to purchase more food supplies. In the South it supported AcePlace.
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Financial Services

DF Capital

DF Capital provides its employees with ample opportunities for growth and development. Over the past couple of years, the bank has invested an average of £1,337 per employee for development, offering access to a learning platform with over 16,000 online courses. The platform is actively used by 95% of its colleagues.
Managers at DF Capital are supported through leadership development programs, a suite of wellbeing services and tools, and real-time manager training sessions and briefings. This comprehensive strategy empowers managers, facilitating a supportive, trusting, and caring environment for their teams.
The leadership team at DF Capital upholds and promotes company values in daily operations and decision-making processes. They communicate these values consistently through team meetings and company announcements, fostering a positive and cohesive culture within the bank.
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Marketing & Media Agencies


Modo25 organises regular team building activities including quizzes, axe-throwing, junkyard golf, a food festival, and pumpkin carving at Halloween. The organisation also hosts Modofest annually, where teams get together to discuss the year’s performance, highlights, plans for the year ahead, and to give out awards that are voted for by the teams.
The organisation offers a range of growth and development opportunities including a Kickstarter scheme, apprenticeships, and a variety of online training programmes, including a SaaS marketing course which provides monthly training and mentoring. Third party experts also help to train teams on specific online tools.
Modo25’s values were agree during a company-wide workshop session. These words are on the walls of the office to remind colleagues what the organisation stands for and to encourage them to live by these words every day. Bi-monthly Operations meetings allows teams to share information, understand challenges, and ensure communication is as good as possible.
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